Amazing bowling trick shot

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Magnets. It’s all magnets.


No f’n way.


How many failed attempts is the question.


Well, after being told to wait for the bitter end, it was a bit of an anti-climax since I was expecting the spinning ball to be returned, still spinning, only to jump out of the channel to take out the final two slalomical obstacles.


“Stick it out to the end”.
ball does exactly what was expected

OK, I’ll ask the obvious question- why doesn’t the ball go in the gutter like you’d expect it to? What’s with the final change of direction? Is it that little tap with the second obstical pin that changes its direcrion? Or is the lane surface slightly bowed in toward the center? I want to be all cool and bored and boingboing about it, but the physics looks really interesting!

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I am here to once again register my displeasure with the animated gifs on these posts.

It’s bad enough on the post page, but it’s doubly bad on the feed where the exact same gif shows up twice.

If you’re going to do these gifs, at least edit them so that they aren’t quite so siezure-inducing. The one attached to this post conveys nothing useful beyond what a still frame from the video would have. It’s dumb. It’s bad, and you should feel bad for having it on your site, which I otherwise quite like.

Thanks for your time.


Portrait mode would have come in handy.


all the way down?


The first video link suggested by YouTube after the video was over, has more trick shots:

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I’ll take a shot.

The direction of angular momentum is rotated in the direction of spin, caused by the torque applied by the frictive interaction with the pin. I think the pin also being a conic section also helps in some way but I forget my physics.

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I suspect there was some alterations made to the oil on the lane.

The gate comes down way too quickly both times. Fishy.

I’m still trying to figure that out too. How the heck does it DO that?

Having played with gyroscopes a lot, I can intuitively grasp that a spinning ball will act weirdly. It’s translating what I see in the video to my meager grasp of physics, that makes it seem like a special effect rather than a practical effect.

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