Bowling with ping pong balls


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My first kendo uchidachi: Once you’re fully comfortable with the sword, you’ll control it as naturally as you control a part of your body such as your arms or legs.

Me: That bad, huh?


Oh we did this back in college, except with beer!



It’s the Hard Day’s Night of table tenis.


“Let’s play some ping pong!”

100% accurate. :relaxed:


I got a defective one.


I just came to comment that that was awesome and funny and dare I say uplifting. An actual “wonderful thing”. Amazing and entertaining. They look like they were having fun and it made my day. Thanks for finding it!


This is actually useful material for a contrasting study against the DudePerfect video series to establish exactly which factors of the material are relevant in the reply “Because Japan.”


easily the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in months


That was a lot of fun, but sadly I leave a ‘little’ disappointed this wasn’t someone ‘actually’ bowling with a ping pong ball. :slight_frown:


Something should be done about that. TO THE BOWLING ALLEY!


Come on, in order to give the ping pong ball enough momentum to knock over a bowling pin, you’d practically have to shoot it out of a potato cann…

I agree with @SpunkyTWS! TO THE BOWLING ALLEY!


I’ll echo the commentators above - best thing I’ve watched in ages, thanks Rob!

While you’re all hanging out at the bowling alley - see if you could scale up a bat, add an exoskeleton, then use a bowling ball…


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