How ping pong balls are made


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I’m afraid the first thing I thought was “let me loose on that factory, there is so much there that needs fixing!”

It’s wonderful how a really cheap workforce skews perception of how processes could be improved.


The veer machine is my favorite. Can we turn it into a form of gambling?


That’s a real exciting job, monotony comes to mind.


This might make a great pick up line in some bars:

“Hey. You know that ping-pong ball you batted around awhile back and had fun with? THAT WAS ME!!!”


I love these videos, but the writing! Oof.

“Balls. A fundamental element in many sports. And likewise, without them, table tennis would not exist.”


File under “Unfortunate Turn of Phrase”.


File, surely, under “things that are true but tend not to be talked about a lot.”

Though to be precise, the main point of many games has more to do with getting to use the organ that is supplied by the balls.


She may not agree.


I was only commenting on the crappy writing. I wasn’t laughing at the word balls.


There’s a faster way to get all the ping-pong balls you need, and it involves a certain Mr. Moose…


Pretty sure that passes as wit and humor in the UK.


I dunno, pretty sure this is how they are born:


I’m thinking that the awkward English in this video is mostly due to a poor translation. I got the feeling that this video was originally all in Chinese before being translated by some almost native speakers.


Could be. I’m an editor, and I have seen some shitty writing by native English speakers. I know it’s not actually true, but I often think no one can write well.



It’s a lie! It’s a lie! I know they grow on pingpong bushes!

Instead, enjoy some Shakunetsu no Pingpong Musume!


It has huge gaps in its automation process, no? I can’t believe the two semicircles have to be manually mounted in the joining process. I can’t believe huge swaths of the quality control tests could not be automated.


It does seem very odd that some processes have automatic feed and others are hand fed. And yes, that manual inspection…
I once worked with a guy who was a fluidics genius. He demonstrated a device that could perform go/nogo dimensional testing on light objects using nothing but air currents and using the components themselves to act as elements in fluidic switches. He would have had a wonderful time with ping-pong balls, I’m sure. Fast, cheap, accurate, choose three out of three for once.


I can’t tell if I’m being factory-pranked or not. Manufacturing in China is pretty competitive, and if I were in this line of work, this is how I would want all my competitors to think I made ping pong balls.