Table tennis robot


Unwatchable… you can’t tell if it’s really playing, or just edited that way. Look for the other ping pong video, with the tracked robot… much better.


You’re being too cynical. As a ping-pong enthusiast with $50k to blow on an over-hyped industrial robot arm I found it highly compelling.

This is cool.

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Yes! See? Told ya so… ‘too cynical’ indeed! Watch this:

for the real deal. Before long, robots will be unbeatable at pong.

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That was great fun to watch.

ps. It’s a marketing video, not a science-based video, which doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

Yeah, I’m going to go with the consensus here, and say this sucks, but the other links are much more interesting.

Maybe it should be called the Hopelessly Automatic Ping Pong player.

The fake multi robot ending doesn’t help the believability. It does look like a strong, accurate and fast arm though, which is the whole point of the advert.

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Believable or not, this is awful, headache-inducing video editing. I really don’t need to see the ball traveling from three different angles as it crosses the table.

I do not make a living by playing ping-pong.
Nor do I make a living by designing machine-overlords that play ping-pong.
I am non-plussed by this.

I dunno about you guys, but I, for one, welcome our new ping pong playing robot overlords.

Updated post with actual ping pong playing robot overlord.


My cultural conditioning was screaming: “It’s going to kill him”, the whole time. Also, I checked Facebook twice.


This is how it all starts. John Titor warned us, but did we listen? DID WE???

That’s not bad – it has a lot of trouble with spin, and plays a passive defense about as well as I do. Not quite a plausible training partner for beginners.

Sadly this replacement video is almost surely a fake. See the comments in the link below for very conclusive evidence, including screenshots.

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