Ping Pong robot Forpheus is a formidable foe

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Today’s Pong

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The 9:15 video mentioned is not loading for me in this post. Looked it up.

And here’s a follow-up.


Can it beat me straight up? Sure, it’s a robot, why couldn’t it.

Tell you what, though, we each do five shots first, then let’s see who comes out on top. NOW YOU’RE PLAYING MY GAME BOYO


Errrrrrr… FOREPHUS???


i don’t understand any of that. if your opponent is 25 miles from the table why aren’t you returning it softly and forcing them to run? why deliberately hit it as hard as you can to get it all the way out to where they are?

( or is it a co-operative game, trying to see how long they can keep it going, with extra points for furthest return? )

Sort of a birthday gift:

YT Comment: This match was done in celebration for the umpire’s birthday, and the umpire himself isn’t actually an umpire, he is actually a retired table tennis legend named Jan Ove Waldner :slight_smile:

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ahhh! okay. the context makes much more sense

( there will also be parties when the robots are retired. although i suspect they will involve more fire and pitchforks than long serves )

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“table” tennis :roll_eyes:

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