Bradley Manning trial enters final phase today at Ft. Meade

Photo: Protesters line the entrance to Fort Meade, the army base which houses the military court where Wikileaks source PFC Bradley Manning is on trial. Alexa O’Brien. The court-martial of PFC Bradley Manning, who has acknowledged that he leaked government documents to Wikileaks and is being charged by the government with “aiding the enemy,” enters… READ THE REST

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Is there any actual chance of a positive outcome for Mr. Manning here, or is this basically a show trial?

Back in the day we had ‘FREE KEVIN’ for Kevin Mitnick. Now we have ‘FREE BRADLEY’ - Manning, ‘FREE THOMAS’ - Drake, ‘FREE JULIAN’ - Assange, ‘FREE EDWARD’ - Snowden, ‘FREE BARRETT’ - Browne… Justice has been completely crushed by the monstrous and powerful. They don’t even blink when confronted.

Well, I think the tone is set in the article by ASSUMING there will be a sentencing phase (i.e a guilty verdict). The real concern now has to be not whether Manning will be exonerated, he almost certainly will not be, but what the punishment ultimately is. If he were, say, to be sentenced to time served and a dishonorable discharge that would actually represent a huge victory for him. Not that I think it’s likely to go down that way, but there you go.

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