"Brain-eating" amoebas kill woman who used filtered tap water in neti pot


I’m still not crazy about that test where the optometrist pokes you in the eyes with the green glowing rods, but once I got old enough(*) I could face it without throwing a tantrum and fleeing across the street.

(*) somewhere in my late 40s


Captain Obvious Moment:

You’re you; I’m me.

Different strokes, for different folks.


Sure. You probably wouldn’t look as ridiculous as I did cowering in the doorway of Fred’s Vacuum Cleaner Repairs.


Every time I manage to completely forget that there are brain eating amoebas, someone brings them up again.


Isn’t the internet great?


Just think how the amoeba’s must feel! It takes them months to erase those thoughts/memories from your mind… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :mask:


Raw distilled water? Fancy!


Can concur, the squeeze bottles are much, much better.

And FFS people, use distilled water, not tap. It’s like $0.99 for a gallon.


Distilled water is expected to have less cruft than the aomeba needs to have to live, double-distilled the better, though if it’s HD 8K water from Evil China maybe it’s full of melamine and box jellies, who knows? [Dumps used stinging nettle and Man O’ War tentacles into TRASH AND 5 BELOW AISLE 8.]
Grateful just not to have forensics’ Lulu Lemonparty of Raw Water Sharing.

G_D> Never. Ever. EVER. Use tab water for neti pots.

What about the third time I nuked the pot to get it hot and still didn’t get to it before it was too cold again; can I call the City Sewer crew with that Ark they drive around and have them hook me up to the truck maybe? Sure I got the illustration from trying to switch a little aquarium to LEDs from incandescent that Ick is an amoeba that eats clean through fish then goes back for more, oft controlled by the lamp’s heat.


I wonder if this speaks to the use of ear wax removal drops (such as Debrox). Per its instructions, the drops (having done their job) must be flushed out with warm water. No mention of pre-boiled or distilled water.


Ear drops typically don’t enter the sinus cavity.


You lost me at box jellies and lemonparty.


Just bask in the incomprehensible but fun weirdness; don’t overthink it.


Zombie amoebas.


Nope nope nopity nope. Terrible fear of brain eating amoebae.


The box jellyfish would be one more or less invisible thing to put in water that would probably be paralytic, and the melamine was a thing that was in dog food (and infant formula or something)…I mean, if it’s nano-ground, it’s gonna be clear and generally no help distinguishing unsalted drinking water from non-potable hardware water with low sodium.

Hey, where’s my Lanthanum-Nihonium Water? I can’t keep that around…


Just the concept of having a box jelly up my nose is horrifying!!!


Talk about a painful way to die, damn.


Nightmare fuel for sure!


Oh, they’d just keep you in the hyperbaric chamber until the paralysis wore off then ask you to rate the pain. That’s how Australian slice-of-life dramas are, everyone knows exactly what murderous animal is afoot and seamlessly avert the harm with drinking straws. (Absolutely offhand guessing.)