Climate change is increasing the habitat of brain-eating amoebas

Brain-eating amoebas? In my local waterways? It’s more likely than you think. READ THE REST

My (possibly irrational) worry of getting amoebas up my nose is why I stopped using my neti pot. I’m half relieved at learning I wasn’t that irrational, and the other half annoyed that climate change is giving us these problems.

(Boiling water and letting it cool back down is a hassle; distilled water costs money.)

Plus, neti pots are weird and gross.

“Never seen anything like it before; it’s an amoeba with a mind of its own!”

I too quit the neti pot for fear of the vile microbes

There’s all sorts of stuff all over the place - I only recently discovered Lyme disease is prevalent around the countryside southwest of London. I thought it didn’t exist here!

As I recall, the actual data shows that only two people in Louisiana, a place with lousy water quality, and someone in a third world country with similarly lousy water quality, actually got microbes in the nose from the Neti.

I think the important criteria is “do you live in a place with third world water quality?” more so than “should you put salt water in your nose?” :smile:

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Just another horrific example of what we’re doing to ourselves. The worst thing is, I love to swim, particularly in a nice, cold lake. I was already pissed about growing up without access to what should have been a beautiful, clean river flowing past my house (the Hudson, which at the time was flowing chemical blue and orange, and isn’t really that much better now, no matter what the regional PR hacks say). Now I’m freaking livid. Once again, here’s a song I wrote about our effed environment 35 years ago and just recorded, probably way too late to have any effect on things. Listen to it with good speakers, LOUD. Pete Seeger doesn’t cut it any more. SCREAM YOUR ANGER!

I have examined several brains from people dying of Naegleria infection. On removing the brain from the cranial cavity the frontal parts of the hemispheres liquify and pour out dripping onto the autopsy table. In the Midwest all these cases came from swimming in farm ponds without any live water. Another organism that can do this is Mucor., a fungus causing mucormycosis, usually in diabetics. Both effectively lobotomize the patient.

We used to have patients who lost their faces to mucormycosis. Usually from bees.

Since the quality of public services and infrastructure in the US seems to be declining, Americans may all be living in a third-world country soon. I don’t want to be NYC’s first case of brain-eating amoebas.

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