Brain Rot: Infantile Tobacco Usage


I love happy endings. I was also expecting him to try sticking them in the wall socket.

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One of my grandfathers (born in the first decade of the 20th century) told a story on himself.

Seems at the age of 12-ish, he and some of his friends wanted to give smoking a try, so they sneaked onto a tobacco field (deep south, USA) and made some cigars by rolling up the green tobacco leaves.

They finished throwing up sometime the next day, and forever after none of them had the slightest interest in smoking.


My experience was with chewing tobacco, which my older brother tried to feed me.

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How do you make the jump to eating cigarettes when you always see adults smoking them? Oh, right, chocolate or chewing gum.

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I have a story for you, in grade school, 1st grade in the late '70s, my fellow classmates chewed tobacco and were addicted. Some of us smoked too, that is when I learned that I am very highly addicted to tobacco and quit smoking because I was too young. Not everyone vomits, some relish it.

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Kids of a certain age will try things in their mouth first. When I was about 4, I managed to eat a whole bunch of my gran’s Parkinsons medication and had to have my stomach pumped. Not that I remember any of that, but I really scared my folks.

Yup. My kid did this.

Good thing you threw up–that’s probably a lethal dose of nicotine you’d stuffed in your pie-hole before you vomited. The worst things I remember eating when I was a kid was dirt, which IIRC I did because someone told me that vegetables came from the ground, and, I reasoned, why not go straight to the source? (I’d also snack on chewable orange aspirin and Pepto-Bismol tablets, too.)

P.S. Is that HHFT cover inspired by Kirby?

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