Gentleman smokes 75-year-old cigarette from military rations

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As soon as I read the title, I knew which channel it had to be. There’s a can’t-look-away fascination in watching someone pick his way past the exploded jam to chow down 75 year-old food.


For his next trick, there should be a blind “taste test” between the old cigarettes and a new one. I’m sure they’re equally…cigarette-y?


A detailed look at K rations and contents:


Highly doubtful. I’ve sometimes found a pack that was a few months old and there is most definitely a difference in taste by that time.


Well let me be the first to say yuk.

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But then there’s this quote:

“I decided to not re-shoot the cigarette scene because such a fine & rare experience should not be overly indulged.”

I agree that I’m sure it would be awful, but dudefella seems to enjoy this stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think maybe the experience there is of finding a 75 year old cigarette in smokable condition rather than the smoking itself

If I found a 75 year old ciggy at the back of a drawer, and I had run out of my own fags, and it was raining outside, then I’d spark that thing straight up.
Nicotine is a hell of a drug :frowning:


His comment on the cig itself is kinda weird too. It makes me wonder when cigarette tobacco was degraded to just being a cheap, shitty way to get some nicotine while cigars and (afaik) pipe tobacco still attempt to be enjoyable in themselves.

This guy’s eaten more old biscuits than a gigalo at a an old folks home

Righto. If 75 years old, this may just be really aged tobacco, rather than a mix of tobacco and pulp paper sprayed with an accelerant and nicotine extract. Not that it was probably “high end” tobacco at any point, but I’m sure pure tobacco ages differently than modern cig mixtures.


Oddly enough that was basically my thought progress: “If the shitty cheap cigarettes from 75 years ago taste good today, then they must’ve tasted much better 75 years ago”


Or maybe ration cigs were really harsh and nasty back in the day, and have since mellowed a bit (enough to actually be smokable…)

But you know what? I’m not exactly going to trust the word of a guy who regularly eats waaaaaaay out of date food on purpose.

1863 American Civil War Hardtack

I’m sure that he never tries any of the combat “energy tablet” amphetamines in the ration packs.

I think my brain just exploded. This guy’s channel is like a horror movie that you know what’s going to happen, but can’t look away.

bloody 153 year old cracker?

I can’t imagine eating, well… any of the things he eats.

And I used to feel so daring eating a freeze-dried meal a month past the expiry date!

Totally addicted to that guy’s Youtube channel now… :slight_smile:

Nice to know that Oz MREs got the thumbs up:

He should’ve had the tuna with the noodles. And the chocolate, although waxy and bland, is strangely addictive: I’m half-convinced that the army is adding some weird pharmaceutical shit to it.

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