Older folk enjoying more weed


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Boomers vs Gen Jones?


That’s not a pot plant, folks. Aralia? Maybe but, for sure not any kind of cannabis.

Cleome. I’m going with that.


Older folks smoking more weed - yes, yes we are. Or I am anyway. Yes. Hmmm?


Well, the headline didn’t say which weed older folks are smoking more of. . .


A drug that is medium-low risk for health issues, and low risk for long term addiction. Provides strong relief for anxiety and moderate relief of pain. It doesn’t give you constipation like opiods. Is relatively affordable compare to pharmaceuticals and can be grown yourself to reduce costs further.

Yeah, what are these old folks thinking? I’m guessing they are thinking they found a bargin. And it is a drug that can be tamed and controlled, unlike oxy and all the others.


Interesting. I wonder how much of the uptick is due to marijuana usage becoming more acceptable causing more people to admit to using it.


Are adults younger than 50 not respectable?


Regardless of our chronological age, our parents always think of us as children. My mom’s mental image of me is that of a 16 or 18 year old. This is in spite of the fact that I have a university degree (she doesn’t), a mortgage (she never did, and she never will), and (FFS) grandchildren.


Smoking came first. Old age a distant second.


I’m not smoking any more than when I was younger, I’m just older.

I’ve been smoking for just under 50 years and quality is so great these days that I may be using less in quantity, but the potency is incredible.

Thank goodness for legal pot.


Plus pot fights Alzheimer’s & dementia.


One of the things I always figured would happen is that pot would become legal if only because older folk had smoked it and knew it was not the social demon made out to be by the law. Throw in today’s aware youth and eventually there would be overwhelming concensus to make it legal. Then we got trump and Sessions. Why is the GOP always doing stupid ass shit to make our lives worse? Vote republican everybody! That part was /S.


I’m actually smoking less pot than when I was younger. Heroin now seems to fill the gap quit nicely. :yum:


Jimson weed?


Speaking as a member of said group, nope.


And with it… an epidemic… of REEFER MADNESS!!!



C’mon people, do the math. We grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. Of course we’re smoking more weed.


Yes. It would be interesting to track use by cohorts as they age rather than just sort by age.