“Breaker Of Chains” explores the many feuds of House Lannister [Recap: season 4, episode 3]


Phew I was afraid Cerce and Jamie’s humping would knock over their dead son’s funeral bier.

As I was saying last week, Littlefinger was conspicuous in his absence from the wedding. He can’t just go missing, can he?

No horses were stabbed in the eye during the making of this episode.


What is complex about a completely black soul?

How they became that way, and the lies they tell to themselves to keep their sense of morals from getting in the way.

What makes them interesting is that THEY still kind of think they’re the ‘good guys’ of their personal stories, even when they acknowledge the very nasty things they’ve been ‘forced’ to do…

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And once again, Daenerys “friend zones” Jorah Mormont.

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So… two consensual sex scenes in the books (of major characters no less) have been turned into rape scenes in the show…

Kinda makes me wonder about the show runners, just a little bit…

Why are they turning main characters into rapists and victims?

The AV Club has an awesome article about this!


I guess i would really argue that Cerci is really not the good guy of her story and has become a Joffrey like character. I don’t really care about her motivations anymore. I am just really looking forward to seeing how she dies.

Jamie seems to be having a Skywalker complex (Being both Luke and Vader)… I mean, really with the sword fighter getting a metal hand, the magical sword his father gave him, fraternal twins, turning to the dark side… But there is still some good in him. I predict he will at some point turn on his family and die in the process.

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could you please not move actual spoilers to the complaints for spoilers plzkthxbye

When I read things like this, I wonder how many people commenting on it have actually read the books…


What would the fact that he or she had or had not read the books have to do with the validity of the comment?

I would like the answer to that question too.

From the book, it was clear to me that it was Cersei who was using Jaime most of the time. Or trying to. As if she thought that by opening her legs a little bit Jaime would do her bidding.

The scene at the sept was supposed to read as “here, have some sex, now go kill Tyrion”.

When it was over, I thought that maybe the writers expected the audience to realize that Cersei could have stopped Jaime from “raping” her… but she didn’t because she wanted it.

Not the most brilliant execution if that’s what they tried to imply, though.

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And who’s the real father of the new boy king? Is this the same kid Cerces was going to poison during the siege, when he was a foot shorter? Does any of the dead kings bastards have a better claim to the throne?

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I’d like to answer this, because tbh I meant to respond to it. Or maybe not, given who originally said it.

On the one hand, yeah. They changed the dynamic between Jamie and Cercei. And they changed the initial dynamic between Drogo and Daenerys. One might question why. On the other hand, as far as Daenerys can go, I think you can throw out the consent altogether because a.) in the book, she’s 13, and b.) she’s not foolish/suicidal enough to say “no”. It’s an arranged-wedding night consummation between a big man and a kid. You’re telling me that the crying is right out? Next question: if you think she’s going to be enthusiastic, are you out of your fucking mind? Second question: what kind of sick person has given this much thought to a 13-year-old’s wedding night?

On the other hand, well, it sure seems like people are focusing on two horrific things that resulted from story changes, in a series that’s full of horrible things and horrible people. Crossbow bolt to the face? Meh. Belly full of steel? Snooze. Cleaving people in two? Oh, well. Giving people to the Drowned God? Hit the snooze button. Changing Cercei’s and Jaimie’s sex scene in the presence of their son’s corpse from grudgingly consensual to not consensual at all? This is an outrage.

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Yes, it is the same character, however they have recast the role with a new actor.


Yeah, I’m not sure she could have stopped him… dude was angry and the repeated “I don’t care” over her protests and NO CONSENT from her versus the book where she enthusiastically consents… to me, its rape as punishment. She’s the bad guy now, the epitome of evil, and thus must be punished, by being raped by the one person that ever loved her. It’s horrific and chilling and seriously makes me wonder about the show runners.

Yes, Westeros is brutal and rape is an ever present threat but why did they feel the need to add extra rape to an already brutal world? It’s mind boggling.

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It’s kind of funny because I really don’t like Cersei, but I acknowledge that she’s no weak character. She may not have the physical strength to push Jaime off, but I’m sure that words would have sufficed. She could have said so many things. First that comes to mind is something regarding his disgusting hand, for example, you know, with that so-very-Cersei tone that makes you stop in your tracks for a second.

But of course, that’s my mind’s Cersei. Which makes what we saw on TV all the worse.

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I just came across GRRM’s opinion on the scene. Is not exactly an answer, but here it goes: http://winteriscoming.net/2014/04/21/george-r-r-martin-responds-fans-concern-breaker-chains/


Forgive the pedantry, but is anyone else slightly irritated by the constant misspelling of Jaime’s name?


I just realized that Diana Rigg is playing Olenna Tyrell. Wow.

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