A Spoiler Thread of Ice and Fire

General GoT discussion.

So, two solid episodes with only one named character getting killed (the littlest Umber). I guess they needed the time to clear the air with all those awkward reunion scenes.

There sure was an awful lot of “Holy cow, I haven’t seen you since… oh. Sorry about that.”


I’m glad they took two episodes to get this plane lined up for take off. Episode 3 looking to be a litte exciting. :smile::heart_eyes::crazy_face:


If I was in charge of writing the next episode it would open with Brienne and Tormund waking up naked atop a pile of well-tousled furs just to realize that they overslept through the entire Battle of Winterfell.

(You gotta admit “if I was a king I would knight you so hard” is a pretty original pickup line as such things go.)


Though short on action, this ep has lots of callbacks that were very satisfying.

Brienne finally getting the recognition she so well deserves was EVERYTHING.

Also, Tormund is my spirit animal.


HAHAHAHAHA! I imagine those two could easily lose a week in the furs without realizing it.

I’m not even going to pretend I got dust in my eyes. That brought me to tears.



I’m not sure Brienne has decided that she actually wants him, yet; though watching Tormund and Jaime compete to impress her was entertaining as all hell.

(I teared up when she became Ser Brienne, I admit it.)

And the story of how Tormund became ‘Giants’ Bane…’


That episode had so much talk about titles and who is owed this or that. Meanwhile, Brienne has just been working steadfastly to be the best she can be with zero expectation of every reaping any sort of reward. Such an amazing and well deserved moment for her.


Yeah but probably last night on earth and all… I mean Arya gets it (and she takes the “kill, f*ck or marry” game very literally).

Speaking of which, I have to keep reminding myself that Maisie Williams is like 22 now so by Westerosi standards she’s been above the legal age of consent for like a decade. Or would be, if Westeros had laws regarding consent.


Oh, I get it. (Particularly in Arya’s case; I wouldn’t want to die a virgin, either.)

I’m just not sure even the threat of imminent death would make Brienne be less set in her ways.

If Tomund wants to be with her, he’s gonna have to prove himself worthy. (But being a big ol’ cheerleader who was genuinely thrilled for her during her knighting ceremony was a huge step in that direction, IMO)

So many comments on the AV club reviews were people freaking the fuck out about Massie Williams doing a partial nude scene, it wasn’t even funny.


Like get over it, she’s grown IRL, and she chose to show some butt crack and nippleless side-boob. Big deal.


People had a similar reaction when Daniel Radcliffe did that nude scene in Equus. I think there’s just something that freaks people out about seeing someone they were introduced to as a child actor actually growing up to have adult sexuality.


Aye; it’s like a built-in anti-pedo reflex that many people have, I guess.

‘I saw you grow up’ = “I never want to see you as a sexual being, even though I know that aspect of your life exists.”


Personally, I raised my kid with the knowledge that whatever form her sexuality takes is okay with me, as long as she’s responsible about being sexually active, whenever that time comes.

That said, watching Arya and Gendry even briefly was more awkward than titillating to me, simply because it was like catching my sister having sex; it’s something I’m aware of and okay with, I just don’t ever want to witness it firsthand.

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Tormund has the best line so far for this season…“My eyes have ALWAYS been blue!!”
and the best moment…gleefully cheering and clapping when Brienne was knighted by Jamie.

I think it is very obvious there is not two choices for her ultimately because I think it is a foregone conclusion that Jamie Lannister will die before the series ends.


I expressly stated to my wife as we watched last night…ok, I am uncomfortable with this scene. She quipped “Massie Williams isn’t a teenager in RL ya know” and I retorted “I KNOW…but I see Arya as a 15 yr old still.”

The idiots ranting and raving everywhere are out of control.

I feel like if Jamie had any sort of destiny to achieve. It was achieved last night in ep 2.


I kind of expect everyone to die, to be frank.

This was the ep where we get to say ‘goodbye’ to all our fav secondary and tertiary characters.

Also I must, because this is too good to not to repost:


I’ve been adamant that only three characters must be standing at the end of the show: Tyrion, Varys, and the Hound.

I assume some combo of all the main characters will be standing…but those 3 have to live IMO.

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I’d love for Tyrion to survive, which is why I’m resigned to his death at the very end. Same for Varys, whose death in Westeros has been prophesied.

GRRM has pretty much stated there is no “happy ending” coming.

But I think the Hound will survive long enough to kill the Mountain; as ‘Cleganebowl’ MUST happen.


The obvious redemption for so many characters that were initially defined by their selfishness would be a selfless act for the greater good.

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