GoT speculations (S06 spoilers)

Hoho… it just keeps on building up - gonna be a long wait for S07.

It sure looks like stuff is really coming to a head; could it all be done and dusted in one more season? Seven gods, seven kingdoms… seven years of Game of Thrones?

I’m given to understand the show has caught up with the books; readers can’t spoil it anymore, is that right?

So who reckons Daenerys will be marrying Jon Snow in the end?

And what about the white walkers? Hard to imagine them being dealt with while Westeros is engulfed in war…

As for Arya, what a badarse. Is there anyone left on her list aside from the Hound, who now seems on the cusp of redemption? Wonder what the next season holds for her…


The show left the books behind a while ago.
Technically, in the books, Stannis is still alive. Tyrion is a newly freed slave but hasn’t met Dany yet. Dany is in the grasslands facing the kalasaar with her dragon having gotten married and barely survived a coup (the other two dragons freed themselves and are living wild and terrorizing Mereen). Barristan the bold led a count-coup and imprisoned Dany’s husband. Jamie never went to Dorne, and Myrcella is alive (missing an ear) and Dorne is leading a revolt against Westeros with Myrcella as the true heir to the Iron throne as she’s older than Tommen. What else? Yara is called Asha, and she’s so much better in the books! There a shitload more Ironborn pirating in the books. Also another uncle thats just missing totally in the show. Also more contenders to the iron throne, more Targaryans. I mean I do get that they had to cut it down because holy shit there are so many characters in these books, but its been a little shocking what the show runners have cut. (Tywin’s brother, current hand of the king, was a huge character and according to GRRM actually important to future plot development but he’s been largely ignored by the show.)

Also, has the show ever used the phrase “the dragon has three heads” - because that’s really big in the book, and a lotta speculation on who the three heads are!

So this season, for us book readers has been “Oh, ok, well I guess that plot line/character is unimportant…” everytime they kill someone. Its been shocking to say the least.

So… I think John could marry Sansa. Once Bran tells them who Jon really is. He’s as related to both Sansa and Dany. His parents are their aunt/brother. He’s cousin/nephew to Sansa/Dany. He could marry either really… but yeah, he’ll probably marry Dany. /sigh - poor Sansa. Tho… if Tyrion returns… he could reclaim her as his wife no? They were married… before Bolton… SO MUCH MARRIAGE DRAMA!

Arya. In the book Arya is still in the house of black and white. So that was fun to watch. Also gross. No one liked toe-pie! And there’s still lots of people on her list! (Someone needs to update that!)


There are a few odds and ends that could easily still happen and of course it is always a bit difficult to be sure which changes/omissions are final.

I hope Jon marries neither cousin Sansa nor presumed aunt Daenerys. Especially Daenerys feels a bit predictable.

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The show runners have said there’s 13 episodes left: 7 in Season 7, and 6 in Season 8. I’m not sure why they’ve decided to break it up like that, but my hopes are that the final 13 (or the final 6) are extra-long extravaganzas.

My guess for the “three heads” of the dragon has been Dany, Jon Snow, and Tyrion. Those three balance each other well and I’m looking forward to therm coming together at last.


One reason is that their schedule was really tight. The used to whole year to create the next season.

Hey, Breaking Bad split the final season so it’s now the cool thing.

Also likely:

Dragging out the seasons for as long as possible gives the company extra leverage in negotiations with carriers, which need to carry the most popular shows.


As long as we’re talking speculation:

Wouldn’t it be a great pairing, both visually and strategically, for Dany to marry Tyrion?


Sansa is gonna win it. The moment in winter fell that they started cheering Jon for king was his death sentence. Well, second death sentence. Dany will help with the great war, but the reluctant yet competent sansa will be queen of westeros.


I realize the series is written by a man, which could very well lead to a conventional ending, but why does the end have to be what the kings at the beginning wanted? Instead of one ruler on the Iron Throne, why not end with equal kingdoms all ruled by their own queens?


This has been my biggest curiosity of the series, both as a reader and viewer. All of these wars and betrayals and boobs and dragons and Dothraki and wildfire explosions are terrific fun, but I certainly hope all of this is leading to a satisfying conclusion. If I’d been reading this since the first book came out and waiting patiently between epic novels, seeing the ending getting farther and farther away as more books were added, I’d be pretty angry if at the end we finish as we began.

I think your thought is a better one. We’re seeing what a shithole King’s Landing is more and more; the Iron Throne is tainted and obsolete. Hopefully in the end the war with the White Walkers is the catalyst for new kingdoms. Danerys, Sansa, Yara, Ellaria, each with their own setup.


but that would go completely against dany’s motivations. she wants westeros and the seven kingdoms, not kings landing. i have a hard time believing that she would settle for the midlands of westeros and let the north and dorne split off. she granted the iron islands, but that was in exchange for boats.

jon has a death sentence due to the scene proclaiming him king (every king so far has died). the only person that doesn’t want the throne is sansa, and that’s why she is going to get it.


Absolutely, and I’m really curious to see what happens when she gets it. There was a lot of foreshadowing this ep from Daario and Dany herself about basically being motivated by motivation, and that even if she gets her goal, it might not make her happy. Basically, by the time she wins it, will there be a Seven Kingdoms left to rule, or an Iron Throne?

I’m with you in thinking Sansa will be queen at some point. We’ve followed her growth very carefully, from spoiled whiny little girl to her current bold, confident self. I feel like the series is essentially the stories of Jon, Sansa, Dany, and Tyrion, when it comes down to it. I’m just not sure where they’ll all end up when it’s all finished.


all i know is ruler of westeros sounds like an absolute shit job.


Westerosi Wedding Planner’s got to up there, too.


Alternate theory: little Lady Mormont beats the shit out of everyone and takes over.


Scary Mormont is best Mormont. She’s just stolen every single scene she’s been in.



Also Lady Olenna. Can we have show of just those two being sassy and spitting truth all the time?


I know, right?? In one of the “after the show” bits, the producers said that they’d mentioned her in passing a few times, and thought it’d be fun to have this angry spitfire little girl, but were afraid it’d look silly. But they found that actress, and she just killed it, so now they’re putting her in everywhere. Once GoT is done, I want to see a Lady Mormont spinoff.


I usually can’t stand child actors, but she is fuckin’ killing it. I’d watch a spin-off. Can we get Bob odenkirk to be her new maester ?


Best line of the entire season?

It’s up there with, “I’m the one who knocks” in absolute badassery.