Breather is like an Airbnb by the hour

The terms of service (which you can inspect here):

You will only use the Breather Spaces or Application for lawful purposes. You will not use the Breather Spaces or Application for any illegal or immoral purposes, including but not limited to pornography, drug use, gambling or prostitution.

Aside from prostitution or taking naughty pictures, could simply bumping uglies be construed as immoral?


I agree that it wouldn’t be much different than a hotel at all in the actual experience itself. Just in the mental associations with hotels. I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere in the world or not, but here in the US (I’m from the South, so it may even be regional), hotel rooms, especially ones that are in a bargain price range, have a tinge of association with sex, especially the naughty kinds like affairs and prostitution. Especially in the day time, and especially if it’s a one on one visit. No one wants to have their car spotted in a local hotel parking lot at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Hotel meetings are fine if you’re traveling. But if you’re in the same area, it feels weird. It shouldn’t. It’s total silliness. But it’s a thing.

Yes, a hotel meeting room would be totally fine. But most of the hotels in my area either don’t offer meeting rooms at all, or if they do, they’re much nicer more expensive hotels than the by the hour space rental would be. To meet a prospective client in a meeting room in the only hotel we have in my city that offers one (and it’s a BIG space, like with a long conference table, not just like a little office space), you’d have to fork out a whole night’s rent on a room or rent the meeting room on its own, so you’d be out like about a 100 bucks. For a lot of smaller jobs, that wouldn’t make good financial sense at that price. But the 25 bucks an hour one could totally still be worth it.



I look forward to seeing Boing Boing’s future post on a movie filmed entirely in Breather Rooms.


Nononono, nothing like that. I was going there to freebase before I met my mistress. She doesn’t like it, you see…


So, there are some factual errors here.

Breather spaces are offices in commercial buildings. We lease them directly. They’re not in anybody’s apartment.

We’re more like Zipcar than AirBnB. That is, we manage the spaces directly, and they’re more or less uniform.

People who see shots of the room sometimes assume that it’s an apartment. We have a semi-casual, multi-use space; there’s a couch, tables, magazines, a yoga mat, a white board. It doesn’t look like a corporate meeting room, so people assume that it’s a living space; it’s not.

We have different kinds of people who use the spaces. One frequent group is freelancers, who need a place to meet clients outside of their own kitchen. Having a professional, private space where you are sure you’ll have a plug and good WiFi is a big advantage over meeting in a cafe. If you’re closing a $10K contract, it’s a good investment.

Another group is professionals who would normally have an infrequently-used office: speech therapists, psychologists, etc. They can meet clients in a Breather instead, and since they bill by the hour, it makes sense for them.

Finally: Breather rooms are professionally cleaned after every rental. We put a lot of effort to make the spaces clean and comfortable for everyone.


And to be clear: I’m the CTO of Breather.


So… that means that nobody has cashed in on the “rent out your apartment by the hour for casual sex hookups” niche yet?


Gotta say, sounds good.

Partner it up with sites like Ashley Madison, Tindr, and Grindr, too, and an entrepreneur could make great money on this. One stop shopping for both a person looking to get busy and a place to do that.


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