Breather is like an Airbnb by the hour




I like how "work" is in there. I'm trying to imagine the sort of person for whom it's economical to pay $25/hour for a workspace, but doesn't already have one.


Or - how to turn your apartment into a brothel.


Yeah, pretty much this. Nooners on the downlow, meetings with "escorts", etc. I'd be shocked that any of that never occurred to the Breather people.


It's okay, it's against the terms of service.

From the FAQ.

What do we say this…ahem, questionable activities?

Get your minds out of the gutters! This isn’t that kind of place. Please read our terms of service for further details.

Is this really like Airbnb though? I can't see anything allowing you to rent out your property..,


Maybe they get off on randoms having casual sex in their house. Or maybe they sell the film from the hidden cameras.


Well, this goes a ways towards filling a much needed gap.


Hey that clause almost sounds enforceable!


Oh, there's no question about it. We're gonna fuck.


I've had this idea for a long time. It's great to see someone trying this - yes, I'd rent a space occasionally to write, to meditate, to practice yoga. A place that is clean and uncluttered and doesn't have all my stuff to distract me.


But whatever happened to formal sex, where the man dons a nice tux before sneaking off to the bedroom with a furry teddy bear?


You're thinking of Old Order furries. The Reform furries are much more relaxed about such formalities. I'm told the teddy bear tribe elders have also loosened the rules, and no longer insist on Raggedy Ann chaperones for the first year of dates.


This could be good for napping. There have been times that I lived a ways from my job and had run myself short on sleep. A nap on my lunch hour or in the break during a split shift would have been a lifesaver. But to go all the way home and back would have burned all of the time that could have been for napping. I actually rented a cheap motel room not far from my job for this purpose a couple of times. I had to pay for a whole night even though I just needed it briefly. And the room was less beautifully appointed and safe and such as the ones on this service might be for the same price.

I wonder if it also allows for showering. I've totally had times where I'd pay that kind of price to be able to take a shower in the middle of the work day. Times when I'd had a messy day at work or was worried that my deodorant wasn't up to the task, etc. But driving home wouldn't leave me enough time. But if I could just duck in and shower and get back on it, my whole day would be so much more pleasant.


It could be awesome for people who don't have a dedicated office, but need a place to meet people for work purposes. Like if you're a freelancer who works from your house, your house might not be a calm tame professional environment. You don't want to take them to your house that screams "Mommy" instead of "professional businesswoman". But you want someplace that's quieter and more private than a public coffee shop or restaurant. But you don't want to take them to a hotel room (especially if you're of opposite sexes, it can sound and feel weird).


This would be awesome for job interviews that involve video conferencing. If you're already employed somewhere, you can't do the video call from your current office. And you might not want to have your own home be the background on the cam footage. And public places are loud and way too out of control and draw extra attention to the fact that you're either sneaking around on your current employer looking for a new job, or that your own house isn't up to snuff. They have no way of knowing or reason to suspect that you're doing the video call from a rented by the hour space. It will be totally quiet and peaceful and clean and neat and private so that you and the interviewer can focus on you, not your place.


Not sure how meeting in some stranger's apartment would be less weird than meeting in a hotel room (or a hotel with meeting rooms) though I guess it would be cheaper.


At a glance I've noticed the few bookings it has is after 1500 hrs. I wonder if it's like a quickie crash place for someone that works during the day and wants to party during the night.


Isn't that called Starbucks?


I don't think it's someone's actual apartment. i think it's just did up like one.


Not with someone else's ten foot workstation, unless they have built in hose downs, vacuums and sanitizers.