Brexit is deflating the London housing bubble, with prices down 15% in some neighbourhoods


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In the worst-hit parts of this paragraph, the grammar in this quote is down 50%.


So this means that Brexit was good for London?




When Britain voted for Brexit I thought wow, how stupid can the Brits be? Then the U.S. voted for trump. When it comes to the STUPID they got nothing on the good ol’ US of A.


Ontario to US: Here, hold my crack baggie.


That was his brother. Dougie was all about the hashish.


Much as I would like house prices to drop to non-science-fictional levels, I won’t hold my breath, at least while Baby Boomers live. The home ownership cult is so deeply entrenched that this country would (will) see half the population in homeless shelters before it let people’s houses fall in value.


Moving back then?


Not a word on why this is attributable to Brexit. Sure it’s not because of toothpaste prices, or assault weapon bans, or immigration problems, or Donald Trump, or ‘the Jewish problem’, or Nicolas Cage tweets?

Housing prices in city centers can always be expected to rise linearly? Brexit applies to London, but not to Manchester? Seriously, wtf?



USA’s stupid could be over in a few years. UK’s stupid will take generations to recover from.

(So, ner.)


QFT - London, if the impact studies are to be believed, will be one of the least impacted by Brexit.


That’s very… optimistic of you. Keep it up, you might need that optimism.


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