Bridge demolition fails in spectacular fashion


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Stop! You’re just making it angry! You won’t like it if it’s angry!


This video is hard to see in blog view. When can we expect a fix?


There’s a really weird visual effect right after the explosion: the camera goes up slightly, comes back down, and then it suddenly looks like the bridge moves about 10 feet backwards.

I don’t know if it’s an optical illusion caused by the smoke moving to the right, or if it’s YouTube trying to perform image stabilization based on said smoke.

In any case, it’s kind of trippy.


Or maybe the structure actually shifts.


I’ll take “bad demolition contractor” for $500. When you contractor selection criteria is limited to lowest bidder, this is sometimes the result.


Or that. I forgot I was going to say that.


Reminds me of the scene in that WW2 movie, is it The Bridge at Remagen, where the German army try to blow up the last bridge over the Rhine — maybe this is spoiler territory, but the movie’s nearly fifty years old now — but fail because they use the wrong grade of explosives.


And then they all whistle that tune and the guy falls on the detonator, right?

Oh, wait, how many movies are there about blowing up bridges in WWII?


Had it been shot in portrait then gravity could have finished the job. But, oh no, landscape nazis know best.

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Somebody was explaining to me that those “image shimmys” were because of the type of lens used in cell-phones… I don’t know how true that is.


We need to discuss the use of “spectacular”.


“WHOOOO! F YEAH! Nothing happened! The bridge didn’t flinch! GO TEAM BRIDGE!”


There’s been a few: A Bridge Too Far, Die Brucke, Pegasus Bridge, The Bridges of Madison County. And blowing up bridges (or, rarely, building them) is often a feature of WW2 movies.


Better to fail with a lesser amount of explosives than take the “blow it up real good” approach, especially when you’ve turned it into a spectator event. See, It isn’t mentioned in the Wikipedia article but I believe the demolition folks in that case greatly increased the amount of explosives to try and ensure a successful implosion.


Good gods - what do they do in this kind of case? They can’t safely climb on it surely, and it would difficult to deal with it without being able to do that.


They don’t break 'em like they used to.


I’ve got to know who goofed!


Also “epic.”


How about “Gentleman” while we’re at it, or is that one settled?