Briggs Land: an eerily plausible version of our near future

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Briggs Land is a complex, intelligent crime drama that is so American at its core, but a slice of America we rarely get to see. It would be topical at any time, but in our current political climate, it’s frighteningly relevant.

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Anyone want to take bets on how quickly HBO/Netflix/Amazon snaps this up? It’s great stuff, so far.


Yeah, it almost seems taylored for a series pick-up. What are you betting, five seasons?


Maybe it’s just that I’m a Statist at heart, but I didn’t find the murderous and criminal Briggs to be that sympathetic (they’d need to make the Federal government far worse than the brief depiction shown in the two free comics for that to work). They remind me of the idiots in Oregon who were occupying the national refuge.


Hah. I live right in that area right now, and one of my neighbors flies the German Imperial Battle Flag off his garage, which is what neo-nazis fly when they aren’t quite ready to fly a swastika yet.

I was watching a documentary assembled from original color WW2 footage on Netflix, and saw a bunch of Nazis at a parade waving the flag that my neighbor flies. It was a little alarming.


That’s definitely what it feels like!


Yeah, the Briggs are a fucked-up family, but I don’t think they’re being glorified. We’ll see how how Grace turns out as the (anti?)hero, and where she takes the family. The bit about the disabled kid (who, in that situation, is totally fucked, and Grace must know it) hints that Wood has more on his mind than a flattering presentation of Ruby Ridge / Branch Davidian nutjobs. I wanna see where it goes – I’ll be heading to my comic shop tomorrow.


HA! Turns out AMC has already picked it up. :slight_smile:


What a great pitch. It really is a very interesting set up.

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Reminds me a little of the rurally-based Gerhardt crime family - from the second season of Fargo, led by the matriarch Floyd Gerhardt (portrayed by Jean Smart).

Reminds me of this, a little:

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