Two long-lost Mister Rogers episodes appeared for a hot second


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This sounds cool. Proper Public Service Broadcasting.


I think Republicans have only watched this one long lost episode.


Guess I should be glad I grabbed the two videos while on youtube.
Surprised they got pulled by Family Communications, Inc. ie. The Fred Rogers Company.

There’s a story for some bright person here to follow up on.


You should put them up on Piratebay.


These sound like incredibly moving episodes. It’s disturbing that their message would be considered politically controversial.


Yes, I remember. :poop:


Strange though these episodes may seem, Fred Rogers was never one to shy away from presenting concepts appearing in the news or in the zeitgeist that might be frightening to or create anxiety in children. He was an expert in doing so in appropriate ways that helped small children process them, and also provided excellent advice to parents in that regard.

Buried in the Daily Beast article is the now obligatory link to Fred Rogers’ testimony to the Senate to preserve public broadcasting funding. For those who still haven’t seen the clip it’s really worthwhile viewing. I wish I could say that the man’s fundamental decency would have the same effect today as it did in 1969 or even 1983, but after 30+ years of Reaganism I doubt it would get through to the granny starvers in Congress, let alone the overgrown and petulant child in the White House.


Did anybody mirror them?!?!


Quick question for anyone with more copyright knowledge than me:
Could these be put up under the fair use clause?


Under IP law you could put up short clips (standard is 30 seconds, maybe pushed to 60 seconds) to illustrate the larger story (“Nuclear War in the Land of Make-Believe!”), but that’s about it until they hit the public domain.

I’m sure that that Family Communications has its own legitimate reasons for not posting those episodes, but I’m equally pleased that the entire episodes (or at least two of the five) were grabbed by folks like you and are floating around out there for educational and research purposes (and perhaps to send a message to the world’s most damaged child).

I’d second @jdaniel30 's suggestion to put them up on Piratebay, unless you can get to post them with the permission of Family Communications (I think they might be able to swing that).


Ok, Here is a different copy of 1521 while it lasts :


“…The second coming already happened, but they keep taking his videos off youtube, and congress is trying to de-fund the stations that air them…”


Higher quality than the 1st one posted.
Be grabbing this as well.


King Friday becomes increasingly convinced Corny is gearing up for war, and directs all of the residents of the Neighborhood of Make Believe to start creating bomb parts

Was not expecting to read this


The Americans is pure genius on this kind of stuff. They show the characters viewing The Day After and the kind of hysteria it created in America. For me, their retro stuff really tickles my nostalgia the way other shows set in the 80’s don’t.


alt-pbs memes are the dankest of memes


If Mr. Rogers were alive today:


Joe Negri will be 91 this year and, as of January, is still at it: