The real story behind Mister Rogers' joyful flipping of the bird


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I was still fairly young when I discovered the verse, “But Middleman, he can dance alone” and nearly wet myself laughing at the idea. It was a simpler, more natural time.


Joy, innocence, tolerance, dedication and love. We miss you, Fred.


We need more of Mr Rogers’ kindness in this world. The following clip of his testimony before Congress is obligatory in any thread about him:


There’s a metaphor in here, I just know it. (Yes that’s Comey in the middle)


Sometimes a double fuck is needed, badly.


Wait… the clip… it’s real?


Yeah, I always assumed it was faked. The most innocent of flipping the double bird ever.


Dude went to a congressional hearing intent on halving the budget for PBS and walked away with the budget doubled.

That right there is a f’ing magic trick.


Nice try, bb

Found the original


No doubt. A lot of people don’t realize that he was an ordained minister, and tbh I don’t remember him ever talking religion on Mister Rogers Neighborhood but I feel like if anyone embodied the concept of living by Christ’s example, it was Fred Rogers.


And it’s a well-known fact (I read it on the Internet) that Fred Rogers killed 400 North Korean super soldiers with EACH of those deadly fingers, before returning to base to make snacks and read a naptime story to the troops.



I heard he was seen leaving Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, carrying a gun bag.


I know right. It’s like they thought Public Broadcasting somehow tied into military spending.


And that’s why he is my hero. Electrifyingly quiet.


What can I say, this guy was great.


He was the best. Infinitely thankful he was a big part of my childhood.


If I remember my sign language correctly, that’s not “how are you today sir,” it’s the sign for “coitus” .


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