Watch Mr. Rogers' wonderful show for adults from 1978


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What an incredible talent to develop; Fred Rogers could just make people want to talk about themselves with an incredible lack of self-consciousness. Like “oh, ego isn’t going to work on this guy, guess I’d better play it as straight as possible.”


Definitely want to give this a watch! He was an amazing man, and a bodhisattva for our times, IMO.


I’m laying down in bed at my Airbnb, window open to the canopy of the French planted plaza in this cool/warm Mexico City air- agog at the humanity and clairity of the show you linked. What a conversation! What a keen kind mind!

Thank you for sharing this today- how weird wonderful that we can hear the thoughts of the far away and departed this way.


This is fascinating. Not only Rogers’ natural interviewing technique, but the photography and editing choices that reflect his compassion and empathy for and quiet and genuine interest in his subjects.

I wasn’t expecting to watch the whole thing, but it was mesmerising.

And when Rogers finally speaks more than a few words, turning it into a dialogue, he bloody nails it. Right to heart of the matter, putting everything in context.

I want to track down the Milton Berle episode, because that guy was a notoriously difficult and mean-spirited interview subject – the anti-Fred Rogers in many ways.


Mr. Rogers, please come back, we need you.


Given that he was a lifelong Republican (nobody’s perfect, I guess) it makes me wonder how he would cope with today’s political climate.


He would be called “ low-energy” and “constantly failing.”


How’d the timing of that line up with the Southern Strategy? (I’m not all that clued-in on how the Republicans were before that, but it seems like a pretty big heel turn)


After months of long-distance pleading for family to go see “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” I got my mother and sister to watch by offering to pay for a view-on-demand during a holiday visit. They loved it, and I’m going to forward this link to them.

I was recently re-acquainted to the term, and immediately thought “Mr. Rogers.”

If he was, he’s reincarnated somewhere and is out there helping.


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