Mr Rogers consoled terminally ill children in 1983, even discussing Death. Hear this wonderful recording.

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Thanks. The older I get, the more of a role model and guide I consider Fred Rogers. There are few people more suited to instruct us in how to handle such a heartbreaking situation more than him.


I recently lost my husband of 30 years to esophageal cancer, I am gay and was 19 when I met him and we were the pieces that completed each other. Fred Rodgers shaped my early life about compassion and kindness towards others more than any religion. Hearing this tape has healed me immensely and I think should be a primer on how to talk about death and illness not only to children but adults.


Welcome to the site, Robert - That’s a beautiful story (and so sad) and I’m very sorry about the loss of your husband, friend.


Thanks for sharing. I’m so sorry for your loss. Mr Rogers has helped my children and I deal with grief as well, so you’re in good company. Stick around a while!


Thank you for posting, Robert.
I am grateful for your presence here now.
I am sorry about the passing of your husband. I hope you have friends and allies around you when you need them.

I hear you. It rings so true for a lot of us of a certain age.

I imagine if Mr. Rogers were to hear your words, he could not be happier.

I will recommit to honoring Mr. Rogers’ work and spirit by trying hard to embody what I most admired about him. I will look at my own faults and try to be patient with myself, the way Mr. Rogers was always patient with those around him. He believed in entirely good faith that people can grow and change.

Hard work. Necessary work.
More precious now than ever.

Be well.
Keep breathing.


I’m so sorry for your loss.


I’m not crying, you’re crying. :weary:
I mean that in the best way possible. I remain in utter awe of Fred Rogers ability to articulate empathy.

Not for nothing but I am so glad they did not include that in “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”. I would have been a complete emotional wreck. More of a wreck than I was when I saw it.


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