There's going to be a Mister Rogers documentary in 2018


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Count me in.


Long Overdue.


I find the juxtaposition of the two articles “Mr Rogers” and “Look, how fun it I to use coarse language as a joke” absolutely hilarious.


Fred Rogers was a bodhisattva


That’s as apt as it gets


With all the people that we see these days who cloak their bigotry and nastiness in Christianity, and use it as an excuse to say and do execrable things in the name of God, it is heartwarming to remember that there are those who actually try to follow Christ’s example. People like Mr. Rogers remind us that Christian does NOT mean asshole. And I say this as an atheist.


I know I haven’t lived up to MR Rogers ideals, I think I’m an okay human being and I try to treat others with kindness but Fred was a singularity in our world.
sometimes I’m unwilling to see or empathize with the other side and that would never float in Mr Rogers neighborhood. I seriously can’t imagine how much worse off we’d be without him ever existing.


Wonderful. I’m sure they’ll include a discussion of this clip, which shows that being compassionate and effective in attaining goals are (contrary to what the Rugged Individualists out there would have us believe) not mutually exclusive:


Pretty much this. Unfortunately for us, the ones that transcend the Wheel of Samsara don’t come back.


Say what you will - the man knew how to wear a sweater!

Sweet guy who deserves being memorialized.


i can’t wait for this. i hope they do him justice – he was an example for humans of all kinds. i’m sure i’ll cry through the entire movie.


Now we can finally see the true story behind his time as a sniper and/or Navy SEAL in Nam.


It scares me no scandals have come out about him. I hope it’s something benign like he just banged his way around Allegheny County rather than something dark


He once jaywalked - but he turned himself in.


There was that one time he got a parking ticket and went to court to fight it. He did an episode on it.

I vividly remember watching this as a kid.


Speaking of cars, there’s this (unconfirmed) story:

One day his car was stolen in broad daylight while parked on the street in Pittsburgh. The evening news reported that Mr. Rogers car had been stolen. The next day, it was back in the same spot with a note that said, “Sorry, we didn’t know it was yours.”



Fox News called him an evil, evil man.

True story.


There is that connection with flesh eating zombies. Not dark, actually it makes him even cooler

"Fred was the first guy who trusted me enough to hire me to actually shoot film,”
-George Romero