Watch the new trailer for Mr. Rogers documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"


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Even if the library selection group doesn’t acquire this for the system, I’m getting it for our library, in a heartbeat.


I’m not crying, you’re crying.


Beautiful, thanks for posting this. It made me smile and feel warm and look forward to watching the movie.

Even though I didn’t watch Mr. Roger’s as a child, I feel the cultural impact of his joy and commitment to earnest kindness in the midst of all too often cynical world.


The embodiment of love and tolerance. I’ll be there on opening day for sure.


There’s something very poignant about watching Mister Rogers and then looking around at 2018.


My eyes are sweating, really bad.


God. I’m tearing up at the trailer. This film would absolutely WRECK me. I’d have to watch it in 10 minute chunks


i was a MESS watching this trailer this morning, and every comment i’ve seen about it on twitter said the same thing i did: i’m gonna (happily) cry my eyes out at this movie. they better stock a box of kleenex at every seat in every showing in the country.

(side note to self: buy stock in kleenex before this movie comes out?)


Fred Rogers embodied the highest aspirations of what America can and should be. I really can’t think of a single person I admire more.


For a few years, Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow were the only shows I would allow my children to watch unattended. They are both still just as poignant, relevant and inspiring as they were when I was a kid, only now I actually get choked up every damn time.


I was raised by three adults: two of them were my parents; the other, Fred Rogers.

Watching this documentary is probably going to destroy me but in a very generative way. I can’t wait.


:cry: (Glad I’m not the only one)




Words utterly fail me in describing my admiration for Fred Rogers.

Just to demonstrate he was far cooler than you realize, he gave George Romero his first work

“Fred said he enjoyed Eddie Murphy’s work on the show and as his own alter ego…”


Luckily there is still Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on Netflix. It continues his teaching method in a modern format, and my kids eat it up.


He’s definitely someone to aspire to be like. I do on occasion think, what would Fred Rogers do; he was a better person than most of us.


I went to Carnegie Mellon, and my first two years I was in Mudge House, at the intersection of Morewood and Fifth. Just up the street from his studio on Fifth.

One morning, at the very start of my freshman year I got turned around and ended up going down Fifth instead of Morewood to get to my calculus class.

I turned myself around finally, and as I’m walking back to campus, Fred Rogers comes near me walking to work.

I’d like to say I was calm, cool, and collected, but that’d be a lie. I stopped him for a minute, and told him what he had meant to me, and how much I was the person I was that day was due to him, as much as my parents.

He said, “it’s nice to finally meet you, neighbor,” and asked me if I wanted a hug. OF COURSE I DID. I hugged him, crying like a little baby, saying “thank you” over and over.

Was one of the most profound moments of my life.




OMG, that is the epitome of everything about him.

You weren’t some stranger. Just a neighbor he hadn’t met yet. :slight_smile: