MOVIES: A first look at Tom Hanks as 'Mister Rogers'

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In these dark times in the U.S. we need more movies about real American heroes like Fred Rogers.

Of course, not everyone sees him that way:


There’s a very good documentary on Amazon Prime, as well.

Worth looking up, but “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” is . . . profound may not be too strong a word.

As for a biopic . . . is it really necessary? Fred Rogers was a singular person, very odd but utterly sincerely and completely genuine. There are countless hours of him speaking truth, compassion, and love to power. I don’t see how a drama would do better than that.

I’m posting this again, because as silly as it is, there is some transcendental truth to it:



A Minister who was inspired by his Christian faith to teach children to be KIND and LOVING and INCLUSIVE to each other instead of teaching them who to hate?? That’s almost as bad as being a race traitor!


Speaking of the Avengers, it’s a little known fact that Fred Rogers shared the rare medical condition that causes Bruce Banner to turn into the Hulk whenever he gets angry.

This had no impact on Fred Rogers’ life whatsoever.


It’s based on this article so it’ll be as much about the transformative effect Rogers had on Tom Junod as it will be about Rogers himself.

The more Fred Rogers the better.


Seeing that it’s Tom Hanks, I bet Fred Rogers would approve.




OFFS, is Alan Alda gonna be his stunt double?

As for what’s necessary… I think it’s a shame that after the success of his show, no one else has stepped up to make that kind of television. The only other personality I can think of who comes close, is Bob Ross.


i agree. they seem to be cut from the same patient, kind cloth.


As I recall Bob Ross wasn’t always that way. At one point in his life he was a tough and mean Air Force drill sergeant and the persona we know now was a decision on his part never to be that way again.

I’ll bet there’s an interesting film to be made of Ross’s life as well.


Yes, Rogers was a great man despite his religious beliefs. Which weren’t the touchy-feely Unitarian types, mind you, but Presbyterian, a faith that believes the majority of people are doomed to Hell.


If only they’d gotten Colin Hanks to play young Fred…

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We never got Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood over here in the UK; instead I had Tony Heart and Johnny Ball to steer me right as a youngster; however, I like what I’ve seen of his output.

Having said that, Tom Hanks really doesn’t have the open smile that Fred Rogers (I almost typed Ted Rogers, a rather different bloke) had. Hanks always looks slightly constipated to me.

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Mr Rogers has been replaced by Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The lessons about caring are still there but the personal attention is a step removed.



Starring Tom Hanks as: Beloved White Man.

(Not that I have a problem with either Tom Hanks or Mr. Rogers.)


Here in Canada we had The Friendly Giant and Mr. Dressup which I watched in addition to Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo.

The Friendly Giant’s show also had a gentle vibe to it like Mr. Rogers though I always found Mr. Rogers show so much more fascinating for the people he talked to and the lessons he would talk about.

There was also a show with a German accented host I enjoyed very much but I can barely remember it now. I just remember he was also very gentle and patient and always seemed genuinely interested in the various things he would have on the show to display to his viewers. The only one that still stands out in my memory today is when he had one of those wooden labyrinth games.

My point: I don’t know of any modern kids shows that are so laid back as they were when I was growing up. There were plenty of exciting, high energy shows, too, but now I don’t know of anything that are nice, peaceful shows. Then again, I don’t watch many kids shows these days.

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I am managing to read like maybe three paragraphs at a time and taking some breaks because I should actually do some work today and should not weep at work, but this is a little uphill.



There already is a Mr. Rogers movie and it has Mr. Rogers in it!!

Not Tom Hanks. Please. Not Tom Hanks.


This is horrible.

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One of the best follow-ups here: