Brilliant NSA scandal illustrations


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I used to hear the claim “The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it!”

Bruce Sterling just gave the counterpoint: “The NSA interpreted privacy as damage and routed around it.”


In the article, the illustrations and infographics are credited to various artists, not just Christoph Niemann, see the captions under each image. The image shown in this blog post (the hooded figure about to stomp on anthropomorphic website icons) is by Zohar Lazar.


To be honest, considering how much Microsoft has traditionally given the US government whatever the hell they want (heloooo Skype backdoor) I feel like this adjustment is in order:

Facebook should also probably be up there but laziness prevails over photoshop today.

Edit: This one’s the best imo:

by Edel Rodriguez

Here’s a wallpaper-sized thing for large screens:


Heck, after Facebook has been caught bending the truth multiple times, and Google’s CEO has said all kinds of things, how can anyone believe their non-complicity?

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Thanks! I’ve corrected it.

Agreed. Any time I see a statement from “Chief Legal Counsel” of any company, I’m immediately thinking they’re doing damage control. That, and they’re lawyers, so shoot first, question later.

Now would be a good time to look for non-US startups looking to build encrypted privacy based services that reflect those of Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. There will be large demand for them, especially since all of the denials and justifications offered by the NSA chief center on the limitations on collection against ‘US persons’.

The vast majority of us are not ‘US persons’, nor do we want to be. And in the eyes of the US we are a completely legitimate set of targets for basically anything they want to do. So fuck that, why would I provide business to a US corporation, knowing that fact?

Admittedly there are fewer non-US options for operating systems, web browsers, social media and email services. But that will change, the NSA has created a large, hungry market for non-US providers of all those things.

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