Glenn Greenwald: NSA-proofing services is good for business


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I hate to point out a typo but if the title is correct, it makes no sense. Perhaps - “NSA-Proofing your service is good for business”

Thank you!

Once again, Glenn gets it right. Tho it would probably be smart to keep eyes focused firmly on the spooks; they’re gonna declare ‘war’ on the companies that are implementing these changes, and they won’t give up their ‘edge’ easily; the most obvious mode will probably be more actual infiltration of the companies themselves at the design levels.


Thanks for the suggestion!

It’s especially good for business if your business is laying undersea cable for Brazil, Russia, China, etc.


See? The NSA are actually champions of privacy. They knew there’d be no other way to persuade manufacturers and consumers to adopt better security policies.

On a side note - for a website that often covers privacy issues, it still amazes me that boingboing is not available via https. Anybody know why that is?


So, um, yay Invisible Hand?

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Sometimes, albeit rather rarely, even the Invisible Hand can be a force of good.

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