Britain's Great Firewall blocks access to official Disney sites, internet safety guides, VPNs, and coding sites for kids

I suspect they would not, on the internet.

But your suspicions are at least as valid as mine.

Yup, even if only to piss off Joey.

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My high school rolled out comically terrible internet filters too. I remember feeling like the security theater pre-Columbine was a dry run for what would come to the rest of the country post 9/11. Looks like that trend is continuing.

It’s a more polite term for ‘keeping people from spending their work day on Facebook/social media/playing farmville/etc.’ :slight_smile:

seriously, which ISP do you use? I’m with Talk Talk, who I thought were the worst, but I have never had any trouble with anything like this. I though this idea was abandoned in favour of the stupid porn filter

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