British chocolate ad worth watching


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The 2016 paralympics advert isn’t too shabby either


Yes, they are. Thx for posting.


Good ad.
But from now on I will associate malteresers with cumshots.


There’s a series of Maltesers ads featuring people with disabilities.


This whole article is 404 for me, but the comments are fine. Same with the 45 records.


True, though:


Some days my superhuman ability is getting out of bed (thankfully its far less common than it used to be).


You mean they weren’t already?!


I put up a meta post for this. I’m encountering the same thing.


There’s a series of Maltesers ads featuring people with disabilities.

I wish I could have been in the room for that pitch.

AD EXEC: "Our research shows that people respond favorably to ads that feature the disabled."
MALTESERS CEO: "Good. We’re a socially conscious company and we’d like to include disabled people in our ads, but how do we do it without making it seem exploitative?"
AD EXEC: "The key is to have the situations presented be as normal as possible. What sorts of issues do you deal with on a daily basis?"
MALTESERS CEO: "Oh, you know. Unexpected ejaculations, getting dog poop in my ear, that sort of thing."
AD EXEC: "Exactly."


Not quite the reason they gave!


“like Whoppers, but edible”



What the fuck is that?


Incidentally, I saw Genevieve Barr (the woman in yellow in that ‘Theo’s Dog’ ad) in Unreachable at the Royal Court, London in July, playing a character who just happened to be deaf; it was no more relevant to the part than her shoe size.

Likewise I’ve seen Nadia Albina, who happens to have no right forearm, in 4-5 productions by the RSC (e.g.), in none of which was her disability even alluded to.


This link does not work for me - 404 / NOPE BOING BOING page insted of any video - What is going on with this? It is the fourth link on that does not work - most of the others do though so what’s going on with this?


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