New ad for Marmite, deliciously vile slime, generates complaints


I couldn’t even imagine who would be upset until I clicked through to BBC. Here I thought Americans were the only people who find outrage to be erotic. The complaints were concern trolling of the finest order.


“Previously: Denmark bans Marmite.” is a new high point for the “Previously:” section, I think.

Oh, and I’d really like to try Marmite but am not really interested in spending $5-6 on something I may not like (and which I will then neglect in the pantry, as the ad suggests). My lineage is half British, but from so long ago Marmite may not have been invented yet (wikipedia suggests late 19th century). And nobody else I’ve known ever had it. I may have to just bite the bullet some time (and sources suggest it may be about as pleasant as actually biting a bullet…)


Great ad.
In our house we never take it straight but mix a spoonful in soup or stew to add a little flavor.

I can see why a lot of people would have a problem with this.

On prime time UK TV (augmented by freeview and satellite) there are a plethora of animal rescue or Vet programmes, and if home grown RSPCA or Vet Hospital style ones are not enough we get imports from Australia and New Zealand too. Very popular, often sentimental and always willing to use a nice shock factor.

The actions and re-actions of these neglected marmite rescuers is so bang on that the comedy just falls flat. The only chuckle was the little lad at the end pulling a face and going ‘yuck!’

Compare and contrast:

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Countdown to a Sarah McLachlan Marmite parody begins… NOW.


Like you I wouldn’t have spent the money on a jar just to try it, but, luckily, my hometown used to annually hold the biggest Australian celebration outside of Australia. One booth offered samples of both Marmite and Vegemite. I was surprised to find I really liked both, but mainly just happy I got to have a taste test without making an expensive commitment.

I watch the animal rescue shows too and thought this wonderfully parodied those shows’ needlessly maudlin, triggering formulas without making neglected animals the target.

If anything, I reckon that that this sort of thing serves to familiarize a wider audience with the culture of animal welfare.

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I thought this was deliciously brilliant. But I’m a fat American who loves deep-fried cheeseburgers, what do I know?

With so many complaints to Ofcom its like people in the UK really have no sense of humor or are just itching to be offended by something…

Amanda Palmer nails it:

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Marmite is tasty or disgusting, depending on who you ask

Specifically: “crazy” and “normal” people respectively.

/ducks out ahead of flame war

Yeah, you’re probably right.

They should do one in the style of the NSPCC adverts next
enter link description here

I can see it now…

Subtitles: Miles is a quiet baby
Voiceover: Miles has learned that his mum will make him eat all his marmite on toast if he makes a fuss.

Subtitles: Josie’s always bumping into things.
Voiceover: She knows she’ll get marmite soldiers for being brave.

Subtitles: Tom doesn’t tell his parents anything.
Voiceover: He doesn’t want them to find his secret stash of marmite under the bed.

Hmmm… maybe not.

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And waste all that sliminess? No fun at all for a kid. A soft boiled egg with marmite soldiers is the way to go - runny yolk and butter and marmite…

Always wash and dress kids after feeding.

Jesus Christ, I’m a vegetarian, animal-lover; and I thought these ads were funny. Some people seriously need to lighten the f up.


Just so you know, Verse, this is what your comparison of the Marmite ad to ridiculing child sexual abuse comes across like.

Get. Their. Attention.

Nah, if I’d wanted to do that, I’d have used the Baby Sketch from Jam.

well sure, if you eat it off a spoon like some people do when tasting it for the first time!

But on some nice multigrain toast, with some butter or cheese? Excellent! Not many people eat straight hot salsa either, they have it on a chip, or on a dish alongside sour cream and/or guacamole, so you get a bit of heat, plus some refreshment just after.

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