Price of Marmite, tasty British slime, at heart of latest Brexit imbroglio


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Accidental (or Incidental) BBS Poetry

I miss being able to eat marmite. But it’s so, sooo salty.

Loaded with vitamins and minerals though.


a plot by Anglo-Dutch Unilever to discredit Brexit.

From what I hear, you don’t need Marmite to do that.


Didn’t Natalie Imbroglio formerly date Liam Fox? Although I thought she was Australian, not Anglo-Dutch…


You had me at “slaughterhouse goop.”


tasty British slime


tasty British slime


I guess if Marmite was manufactured by little brewers in the rural hills of the Shire, this wouldn’t be an issue?

But since it’s manufactured by a international conglomo-corp, it becomes a Brand and thus something that will be paid for, regardless of its cost…


I don’t think the person who took that photo has ever eaten Marmite, of if they have they must have no tastebuds left at all.


I’ll admit to having enjoyed a bit of schadenfreude at the odd article about Brits realizing what they are getting themselves into with Brexit, but there are some things you don’t joke about and I’m sorry to any families affected by this shortage. After the Christchurch earthquakes damaged our national production facilities New Zealand was plunged into crisis for over a year and I share your pain. This shit is not funny. We may never agree on what makes a good Marmite but we can all agree that no human being should ever be deprived of their 'mite.

Thoughts and prayers. :heart: :pray: :cry:


Earthquakes are, indeed, unavoidable tragedies.


Nope, they’re doing it right.


Me watching the Brexits falling apart.


Salt is a taste! And marmite is quite the umamibomb.

I may be known to take the occasional covert sips of soy sauce at my desk when I think nobody’s looking to grimace.

My wife still thinks I’m the grossest for enjoying a thin smear of vegemite and marmite, but that doesn’t stop me any.


Sadly, the upper crust pushing it won’t feel the brunt of this pain, nor will the fascist scum feel it solely.


Where do you live? I’m in the Midwest in the U.S. and have multiple ways to get it.

My preference is to stir a spoonful into a mug of warm water for a non-caffeinated drink. Uses less than when spread on toast, so it’s a lower sodium intake.


Coincidentally, it’s food imports (specifically meat and butter) from New Zealand that have increased the most in price for Britons because of the weakened pound - some have increased 50-something percent. The schadenfreude does rather go away when you realize people are going to be starving.

That was me until I read this: and that was before food prices started going up… and up. Even if they can steer away from Brexit, things are still going to be nasty in the short term.


There are a lot of things I eat daily with my breakfast that I would miss if they became scarce, but I would never call it a “crisis” if I couldn’t get it (even for coffee). Plenty of people have nothing to eat in the morning, and if I couldn’t get bagels or cream cheese or coffee I would find something else that would suffice.


Mr. Stross’ description of brexit as ‘basically British Juche’ is truly admirable in how much dire condemnation it manages to cram into just a few words.

I have to admit that having much of the UK’s flyblown financial sector catch fire wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing; but I suspect that we aren’t going to get that without the sort of collateral damage that is only considered acceptable in 3rd world proxy wars.

As for the stuff about ‘profiteering’; I take it that Tories are fair-weather free marketeers? In all the econ classes I ever took, the concept of ‘profiteering’ or ‘price gouging’ was treated as hysterical nonsense that had fallen out of fashion with medieval guilds; and since been occasionally and disastrously revived by demagogues and communists. Serious Economists had faith in the pricing arrangements provided by the invisible hand.


“slime”? “SLIME”?? HOW DARE YOU, SIR! #umbrage