British Prime Minister "scrapes mould off jam and eats what's underneath"

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Is it possible we are all seeing the long-term effects of that decision in Brexit?

I’m sure there are a number of moulds that can cause brain damage when ingested.

ETA: Glad I was here first, because I assume a dozen of you are coming here to make this precise joke.


Keep a stiff upper colon!


Brain damage?
Oh. As a formerly desperately poor very young adult, I distinctly remember doing this with both tomato sauce and cheese.
However, I did not vote on Brexit, so this case is likely moot.

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Scrape the mold? Would you scrape the mold off your Bleu cheese? It adds a delightful tang!


Making healthy decisions is often a luxury, unfortunately. For those who have the option of throwing out spoiled food and still getting to eat, scraping off visible mould and eating the rest is a bad idea. If there is visible mould it’s a safe bet that the rest is contaminated with non-visible but significant amounts of mould. I’ve been assured by a toxicology professor (who, I’ll admit, may have been a little hypervigilant) that there are a vast array of moulds that can do all kinds of terrible things to you, including being very carcinogenic.

It was intended as a joke and I don’t think eating mould are likely to impair cognition. But would it ever so slightly increases the chance that there is a brain tumour pushing against the Brexit-decision-making center of the brain? It may. There seems to be something wrong with May’s brain, this probably isn’t it.


She’s eating moldy cauliflower as well? That can’t be healthy.

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What Brexit has made clear, is that in times of adversity, the most patriotic thing you can do is stick a fork into your own hand.


With a hard cheese, you can actually get away with this. If there is only a little mold, it will only be on the surface. But considering that jam, by its very nature, resists mold, you have to leave it for a fairly long time in the fridge for it to go bad.


That’s what I can’t figure out. I have jars of jam that are years old and 100% mold free. Is she storing this stuff under the radiator.

But blue cheese is supposed to have mold. It’s the blue part that defines it.


I would rather just live without.


But considering that jam, by its very nature, resists mold, you have to leave it for a fairly long time in the fridge for it to go bad.

Would I be shocked to discover that Teresa May was just making shit up and has never actually scraped mold off the top of a jar of jam in her life?

(The answer is no. I would not actually be surprised.)


Probably cross contamination. Bread crumbs or other material introduced by going back to the jam jar several times.


“Saves money?” I don’t thing you’re gonna be able to retire or anything on the maybe 5 bucks max that you’re saving by refusing to buy another jar of jam once every… how long does it take for that to happen? Months? Years? She’s obviously not eating that much of the stuff if it sits around collecting mold… I’m just so confused on so many levels.


Also where did I just see that thing about the safety of scraping mold from cheese? I think the conclusion was if it’s hard enough that the mold can’t dig it’s moldy tendrils into it, it’s fine to scrape off, but if it’s something soft (like Brie or maybe jam) the mold is probably way down in the thing by the time you see it on the surface. Edit: I think it was this:


It’s so cute when the ruling class lets us know how they’re “just like us.”


You have to admit, “Just scrape it off, it’s fine.” is an amazing bit of political messaging though.

It will be great to see the campaign posters with a modern clean icon of a jar of mouldy jam.


Ok, gross. Because if you’re talking cross contamination you’re not talking about just mold - you’re talking potential bacteria contamination as well.

Apparently the full context of the story is that she was arguing that food is often good past its sell buy date (true! sell by/use by dates are conservative estimates based on broad statistics, not a light switch that flips on and off) and then moved into the talk of scraping mold off her jam to save a few pennies. Which is … not related to the sell by date at all if you’re introducing contaminants into the food.

(And if this came up because of how Brexit is going to whammy the food supply for the UK then she’s gone completely insane.)


Wait, she has a penchant for jam? Isn’t she also type-1 diabetic?


Beat me to it. But I can bring a reference! :wink: