"Greedy Bastard" burger criticized


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Bit tame coming from the country that produced this.

(also who the hell puts avocado on a burger)


Ah, The heavy trials of living in Aotearoa, where there is absolutely nothing worse than this happening in the whole country this month.

Earlier this year, the worst thing in National News was a serial swimming-pool pooper. So the Bastard Burger is comparatively an improvement.


Oh you utter Ninja! I was just grabbing that link!! http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/video/43898/controversial-bugger-ad-1999


It’s probably not necessary to say, but compared to the utter amounts of advertising horsesht broadcast at your face and the content it contains on and hourly basis, this seems a rather odd choice to pick a battle with. Don’t you wish you could send a reverse signal to advertisers that sprays horsesht back in their face?

I guess I just think commercials and advertising are super annoying and in the way all the time and everyone in the advertising industry is involved in the profession of bastardizing art for greedy purposes. I know that’s extreme - obviously companies have to let the public know about their products, but god damn.


Round these parts that’s called a California Burger.


And it’s delicious! Though not quite as tasty as the over medium egg. Yummm


Alexei Sayle is suing for copyright infringement.


Aren’t all product names forced on people? I don’t understand what makes this any different.


Of course they are, but most of them don’t contain language that some consider to be curse words.

And I know, I know, it’s just words and why should they be offended by it and blah blah blah you’re a logical robot it does not compute etc etc, but people are odd, and they get offended by stupid things.


Can a person be cursed with bastardization? I didn’t think it worked that way.

It’s probably a disorder which afflicts those heavily invested in patriarchy.

Honestly, when I first read it, I assumed that their objection was to the “greedy” part as encouraging gluttony.


Isn’t that a problem of the receiving end, instead of the sending end, then?


You know what? I have decided to read your posts as if you are an alien recently arrived on the planet earth, who doesn’t really understand human behaviour (or apparently, language, since you seem to not understand the term “curse word”). This is making your posts far more entertaining to read.

Yup, but sadly (at least in NZ’s case), governments often have procedures in place to soothe these poor pearl-clutching folks who are so easily offended.


This name is just wrong!

It should be called the Gluttonous Bastard.


Backwards compatibility defines that event generators sanitize their outputs before writing them to the bus. The subscribers never implemented try/catch logic in older specs of the protocol.


Forward-compatibility can be implemented that does not choke on the unknown. See how HTML is handled by rendering engines, for example. The subscribers should silently discard what they don’t like.


I guess they won’t be seeing these in their vending machines any time soon:


Ah, but this is a case where 60+ year old subscribers are still in production, and their firmware doesn’t allow for autoupdates.


Sometimes you have to cut off the support and sinkhole the error messages.


I am happy that you find them amusing.

I realized from early childhood that truly understanding the apparent contradictions of human society was only possible from outside of its systems.