British court rules that the inhumane conditions in American prisons mean UK hacking suspect can't be legally extradited


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Correction for the good of the order: Simon and Sacha are cousins, not brothers. (I really want it to be the latter, though, as that would be a wonderful familial contrast.)


Well, when you have the highest incarceration rate in the world you need to cut corners somewhere.


Hey, let’s just outsource to corporations. I bet they can make our prisons more efficient!


How do they do it? Volume!


Point of EXTREME pedantry: Simon Baron-Cohen hyphenates his surname, Sasha Baron Cohen doesn’t.

(Apologies, I can’t help it.)


I don’t know, eminent academic and irreverent-to-absurdist comedian are probably two professions I would think are more similar than most.


Here in the states, we only deny you the sweet embrace of death because that would deny the state the pleasure of punishing you. Other than that, we don’t much care.


so, will the Crown Prosecution Service handle this case?

And will the US government decide that kidnapping is a viable alternative to extradition?



Love is half Finnish so this has been a huge story in Finland.


Can I get extradited out of the US?


Well, to France, but I wouldn’t count on them being ‘polite’.


We Americans are too busy running a profitable business (prisons) to worry about humane treatment.


Human rights groups have deplored the deteriorating conditions of French prisons for more than a decade, a situation caused by a prison population growing faster than available cells. A 2006 Council of Europe report detailed endemic overcrowding, dirty cells, unsanitary toilets and inmates sleeping on mattresses on the ground. The issue has yet to be remedied. Today, according to the Ministry of Justice, there are 68,500 inmates against a nominal capacity of 54,600.



Amazing, it’s almost like you’d rather be a prisoner in the UK than a regular, consumer/citizen in the U.S. They get treated better and with some respect. They’re actually looking after your welfare over there. Too bad they don’t allow sado-masochist killers to move there, otherwise, I’d be gone yesterday.


possibly related, in the general scheme of things.


I think most US states would be thrilled with that level of crowding. I mean Ohio is only 30% over capacity, but California is around 75% over. The federal system is something like 40% over.


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