British landlord rented room "that could only be entered on all fours"


Mr. Harry Potter
Cupboard under the stairs
4 Privet Drive
Little Whinging, Surrey


How do you get a bed in… or out?

Ikea flatpack fit in door, you make own bed.

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400 a month? I’d consider it.


I’d go more AeroBed/inflatable mattress myself.

I do have to say it’d be difficult at best to get home after a night at the pub.

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I used to have nightmares about being in a room with doors too small to get out of. I never thought that anyone would actually try and rent somewhere like that.

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Pretty much my train of thought. “That’s outrageous! That’s insulting! That’s. . .wait, exactly where in London are we talking?”


I followed the links and looked at the various “outrageous” apartments. I had a bedsit in London (near the Heath) which was as small/smaller than the examples shown, with a shared bath in the hall. Instead of a wardrobe, there was a small hanging pole (about 18") over the foot of the twin-sized bed. A sink and a plug-in burner sitting on the little counter, no refrigerator. Small table with a chair. I was in my twenties, working in London, and it was fabulous. I’m still friends with my landlords and have visited them repeatedly (they’re now retired and live elsewhere in Britain).

The only deal-breaker I see with any of these is the illegal access for the above-mentioned room: 27 inches high is not safe in an emergency.

Most people in the world live in much smaller spaces than the average U.S. suburban home. That’s OK.

You always walk out of the pub?
I would think that it was perfect for crawling nights…

So drunk to hell I left the place Sometimes crawling sometimes walking

a friend of mine was renting the kitchen of a shared apartment in Soho London with 4 other people for 600 quid if I recall correctly.
the toilet of that apartment, would gladly request a visit from “How clean is your house”!

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What, were they living in John Malkovich?

There’s a mushroom for that…

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