British man shows off cosy off-grid house in the woods


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How on earth did he get planning permission?


Cordwood cabin - very nice!

Mrs. Lindsay and I finally moved into our cordwood house that we started building eleven years ago. Highly recommended if you’re either faster than us (most people are), or have eleven years to spare.


Isn’t he ever going to offer us second breakfast?


I love that loft ladder! Perfect.


Er, maybe I missed this part in the video, but where’s the toilet? I didn’t even see an outhouse anywhere. . . .


Isn’t putting mouse-traps outside like trying to bail out the ocean?


I couldn’t find any videos that weren’t pay-to-play, but maybe I didn’t enable enough scripts or something.


Cozy off-grid solanum melongena anywhere.


I don’t want to be that guy, but doesn’t having an internet connection defeat the whole purpose of living off the grid?


Well that one looks a bit more complicated. Nice work.


Heh. As far as I can tell, they’ve never shipped any of those and the people who invested in one got screwed for ~ €79k by an art concept. They’ve been “preparing for production” since 2015.

All the comfort a Japanese tube motel, combined with the disadvantages of a mountain-side shack.


There’s a plain-vanilla free-to-play YouTube video at the link above.


Gonna guess he plans out his mealtimes to poop at the office.


I would like my home to be able to dis-engage with a power grid and still continue in some useful, heated, flushing, wifi hobble mode.

But really I like the idea of having a connected grid insulating us instead of isolating you.


Really beautiful homestead, my friend. And thank you for documenting, that was a real treat and inspiration to look through!


I guess it depends how you define “the grid”-- his internet connection is an antenna in a nearby field, not cable.


You’d be better off just getting a decent fifth-wheel RV. Bonus: it’s easily movable.




Interesting build, but it would not work in my area. The pipes would freeze and burst.


Wow- really nice home!