British Pathe puts 85,000 newsreels on Youtube under CC


Where is the Creative Commons notice? I do not see it on their website, in their announcement, or on the few YouTube videos I checked. I see YouTube is reporting “standard YouTube license”. It would be awesome if these had a license compatible with upload to Wikipedia.

Came here to say the same thing. Pathe’s website and Youtube channel have no information about CC or other permissive licences - which (as someone remixing content) effectively means they’re not (legally) usable; since correct attribution isn’t possible right now.

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For them to license this to everyone under the CC don’t they need to be the legal copyright holder? Or does the UK have infinite copyright and no revert to public domain? I suppose it could be copyright on the conversion of the work, a real suckers copyright.

Mistook the “CC” under each video for Creative Commons, whilst probably stands for Closed Caption.

Q.Q such disappointment

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“That’s some nice videos you got there. Would be a shame if something happened to 'em.”

I was so excited. But the CC is close captioned, not Creative Commons. As mentioned above, they all say “Standard YouTube License.” Ugh. What a great resource that would be for filmmakers and remixers…

What am I missing? Scrolling through what they’ve uploaded, I see maybe 200 videos. I don’t see any indication of thousands more.

Yeah. There are 85 videos, not 85,000.

I’m forced to conclude that 90% of British activity in the 20th century was cricket related.


Okay, from what I’ve been able to determine, the 85,000 videos are on the British Pathe site. It’s actually quite impressive. I don’t know why all the reports say they’re on YouTube. Maybe they’re in the process of adding them, and haven’t gotten very far?

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