British punks then and now


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Links! Links! Where be the links, muh good man, @pesco?

Also, who doesn’t ADORE Jordan!


Some of the more colorful local Tucson punks (the lucky ones who aren’t dead) look like older versions of their 1980s selves. But most of the people I know who were in the alt music scene back then are librarians or teachers or artists or social workers now.

I was always an engineer when I drove my cheesy PA system to the night’s punk show in my '59 Caddie, and will always be an engineer.


These stories are awesome.

The pictures, too.

At 46, this hits home pretty hard.


then and now



Wait - Steve Ignorant was really named Steve Ignorant?


In other words, they grew up?

ETA: Just because you “grow up” doesn’t mean you need to lose your edge, but many who rebelled in their youth also discovered rebellion alone won’t pay the bills or feed the kids.


i love this so much.


Coincidentally, I was re-watching this yesterday afternoon after a couple of bottles of Broadside (as you do - it was sunny outside, so) and the identity of the Tank Girl lookalike dancing behind the drummer was revealed in the YouTube comments:

So there - you can add another to the collection.


Well they rebelled against The Man, but then it turns out The Man was paying them minimum wage and keeping the difference. And we’re shocked they became doctors and accountants.


In other words, to beat The Man, you have to be The Man.


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