Old school punk rockers' message to young'uns: 'Fuck Youth'


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The first time I saw one of my 14 year old daughter’s friends wearing a Joy Division Tee-shirt, all I could think was “what the fuck?”


Texting texting texting all the time


Sorry, I gott’a go, I got a TEXT.


I’m always confused by the older folks who seem almost offended by the fact that young people might appreciate the bands of yesteryear as much as they do the ones still producing music now. Sure, we don’t get the live shows or the joy of hearing a new release, but can you really think anyone would be faced with this spectacular back catalogue of bands and albums and decide “Nope, not my generation’s music, I don’t want it.”. One can appreciate both Joy Division for what they’ve done and still keep up with more modern punk like SMTB. I guess if have to say, would you think “What the fuck?” if you saw a teen reading 1984 or Neuromancer? If not, then why should a joy division tee be any different?

Disclaimer: wearing my Closer shirt I bought at 15 right now


yeah but, isn’t that just proof positive of how sucky music is right now?


They should calm down, they might get a heart attack.


how dare y’all


From their latest album entitled “Get Off My Lawn!”

I saw a young girl wearing a Dead Kennedys shirt at McDonald’s a couple years ago. I said I liked her shirt and told her I went to one of their shows in 1985. She responded with an enthusiastic “Really?!” But quickly changed her facial expression when she realized she was making conversation with some old guy.


Thirsty old people


Poe’s law is giving me a hard time on this one, they are poking fun right?


I’m not sure what to do. My kids stole all my records - Pink Floyd, Blodwyn Pig, King Crimson, Zeppelin, etc. They claim there is no good music anymore, its all just repeated from the late 60s and early 70s…

But yeah, fuck youth…


Never trust anyone under 50! :metal:


this song speaks to me on my level.
even though i’m a 50-year-old texting fiend. fuck talking on the phone, i say!


telephones were just a gangly in-between process… messaging and email are far superior


although i guess telegraphs and light based messaging existed before telephones


In my day, OF COURSE you hated the older stuff because it was stuff like Dean Martin and Perry Como. I was born at the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll. Did learn to love swing though and even got to see Benny Goodman live. Pretty sure I’m the only person who can say that they saw live Benny Goodman, Jimi Hendrix AND The Sex Pistols. But I do remember being weirded out by kids many years my junior being really familiar with the music I grew up with.


He seems not so much punk as asshole.

My only in my day comment is…
we got three lives then it cost another quarter.


True. But in my experience most of the time I’ve seen someone under 30 wearing a old school punk tee they didn’t actually know the music when asked


Nope. The cover of My Way just made me rethink the Sinatra my parents used to play. But, Henry Mancini for the win!



That’s fairly surprising to me. It might be my insular friend group, but anyone I know who wears a band shirt does it because they have some serious love for the band. I’ve found it much more common to have experiences with over 30s commenting about how “you don’t deserve to wear that because you weren’t there” or subsets of that statement. Have to admit though, if someone is wearing an unknown pleasures shirt i give it a 75% chance they’re doing it more for the design than the music.