Old school punk rockers' message to young'uns: 'Fuck Youth'


Of course now I like Dean Martin and Perry Como… and a whole lot of other stuff too that my 16 year old self would be all “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?” over liking it.


If you don’t like Henry Mancini you are dead to me.



A high tension tower without a gardening nursery underneath? Wouldn’t mind doing a little photoshoot there. Where is it?


Jonathan Richman famously said “I’m in love with the modern world”, but his modern world was listening to AM radio in his car out on route 128.

“Put down that cigarette smart phone and act like a true girl.”

I will never understand the logic of going to a party, and spending the whole time texting someone who isn’t there.

“Be here now.” --Ram Dass


This speaks to me.
The older I get the more I loathe teenagers, is there something wrong with me, or is that natural?


Catchy, kinda.
But, what’s the point?


“Bean” in the 1990s… these old schoolers show the kids how its done

Punk in the 1990s?

These were the kids we babysat for money to see real punk shows in the early '80s.

Am I right? I said AM I RIGHT? [Our hearing’s not so good anymore.]

ETA: I’m joking. You kids can stay on my lawn.




I’m a middle-aged punk who thinks kids today are awful and I still think this song is seriously, seriously bad. Poorly written and just dull.


Music isn’t sucky right now. Music from the old big labels is sucky. Why let some corporation decide what music you have access to when you can find your own on the internet?

Through the internet I get all the music I can handle, often directly from the artist and I don’t give the big promoted artists a cent! These days everyone can enjoy music directly to their taste with far more bands being active than was ever possible when you had to depend on radio and physical media for your music.

(Of course, there are SOME big acts I like and buy music from, but that’s because I like them. I don’t view their albums as any different than one I buy from a smaller band online.)

ETA: Of course there’s a ton of what I would consider terrible music available on the internet as well, but I don’t have to listen to it. It’s not radio. I can choose my own programming.


If your message is “get off my lawn” and you aren’t joking, you suck.

If you think you were the peak and things got worse, you suck.

If you fear the youth because they are different than when you were young, you suck.

If you think the youth are staring into a black emptiness and not a device which connects them to their friends, you suck.

If you’ve gotten old but realize the youth are different, just like they were when you were young, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, congratulations, you’re cool.


Often these are the same people who can’t name musicians from 50 years before they themselves were born, but seem almost offended if kids don’t know who The Beatles are.


They buy their Ramones and Joy Division shirts at H&M, never ever heard the music. It’s just a bland fashion thing.


Things that spring to my mind when I see that:

  • Real appreciation, or facebook-like mimic?
  • Haven’t I seen that in a recent catwalk photo by a high-price designer?
  • Why does the rest of them look so instagrammy?
  • I grew up in an era of massive, rapid and genuine cultural change - it was exciting - they are drawn to that, but why the hell are they, with their vigour, allowing cultural life to stagnate? Do some fucking thing.
  • The easy wearing of the t-shirt belies an over-usage of the symbolism, and is a simple accessory, not a call to arms
  • 90s music, with a few exceptions, was dross.
  • I still deeply love Debbie Harry
  • The Ace of Spades is being played in heaven today
  • Don’t they realise the multiple levels of self-inward folding irony presented by the Sex Pistols, in full view and with clear announcement?
  • That t-shirt is sold in Harrods
  • That t-shirt is sold at Primark / Target / etc
  • There are cooler shirts on etsy and ebay
  • Why don’t they acknowledge that someone was right, and strengthen the drive?
  • He actually looks like a grim person. He’s a rare real one, a genuine rebel.
  • Is that a bit of avocado?
  • Everyone thinks they get the Ramones. David Byrne still isn’t properly known, nor do people understand why that’s important.
  • Why don’t they spit properly? In fact, why don’t they spit?
  • Thinking semiotically, and recalling last night’s conversation with my 12 year old daughter, the over-use of the brand image and symbology is/has exhausted the real cultural resonance of the underlying message, if indeed it’s still even atttached in any sense
  • The Sex Pistols website asks for cookie consent. Fuck. It should be hosted on an offshore platform.
  • These youthful youths are, every minute, shoring up and feeding the most invasive, de-humanising, conformist system ever created… Every tap, every youtube video.They don’t even realise they’re participating. They’re not even awake . it’s the fucking matrix.
  • There’s no passion
  • The kids of tomorrow - now they present a menace. I look forward to it.
  • My ex had a velvet underground poster next to an Oliver J Stone poster. I loved that. She was french and lived life with her middle finger sticking up at life. Nowadays she’s not so funny and it didn’t turn out well.
  • With age and the development of treachery, I really have a good feel for how to get people to be bad, or good.
  • Mr Robot makes a lot of sense.


Regarding the t-shirt thing, I had a happy encounter with a “youth” in Charing Cross station a couple of years ago.

I was walking through to catch my train home, when I saw a kid wearing a t-shirt for an old thrash metal band. But not just any old thrash metal band; one I had attended the “last” gig of more than twenty years ago, the Bristol band Onslaught.
I stopped him to chat about them and ask how he’d heard of them, and he happily informed me that they’d reformed and were releasing new albums.

I promptly bought all of their new stuff I could find, and was very relieved to find that it was right up my alley, with the original singer no less, and that the band still sounded like a proper thrash metal band and not one of these post-Pantera imitation groups.

So if it hadn’t been for that “youth”, I wouldn’t have rediscovered one of my old favourites :slight_smile:

Never seen anyone wearing an Alice Donut t-shirt mind you :frowning:


Superbean (formerly “Bean” in the 1990s)
Maybe they should have renamed to Has-bean


This is…not a simple question, not really the kids’ fault, and not really within their power to fix. It’s kind of on the adults to hand them a world capable of supporting actual cultures in the first place.


That was great! That Sid Life Crisis guy came across as a young Rodney Dangerfield, in a very good way. :grinning:


Johnny Rotten is 61. Joe Strummer would have been 65, old enough to get a state pension and free bus pass, if he were still alive.