Ramones 40th anniversary box-set coming in July: rarities, demos, live shows

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Shouldn’t it contain a T-shirt as well?




seriously, what is up with all the Ramones T-shirts? I went to high school from 88-92, there were like 3 Ramones fans in my entire school. I get that it’s easier to get a shirt now because of the internet, but you weren’t a fan when they were already an established band with all their classic material behind them. Blitzkrieg Bop was in a goddamned Miller genuine draft commercial in the 80s. The t-shirt people are only sometimes kids, they’re mostly on middle-aged folks. How in the fuck are you suddenly going to start being a Ramones fan in your 30s? I mean, I guess it’s allowed, but it really seems more like y’all frontin’.


I’m sorry but “Ramones” and “40th anniversary” in the same sentence is kinda freaking me out here. How did I get here?


I’m in my late 40s and still sometimes wear something Ramones…

As for this box set, I’m gonna pass. Nothin in the contents activates my fanboy module.


i guess my point was I don’t think most of these cats are “still” wearing their Ramones shirt like you’ve always done, it seems like they just want a trendy shirt. in my experience, very few of my peers were into the Ramones before the shirts became a trend. I guess I’m telling the damn adults to get off my lawn?


My, mildly dyslexic, brain turned box-set into sex-bot…

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This was probably my favorite album as a teenager, and yet I listened to it recently and found I didn’t care so much about it anymore. Maybe I played it to death back in the day, or maybe I’m growing old, either way I’ve lost something.

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