I need this shirt

I found it here originally:


This is some kinda take on the old Joy Division “Unknown Pleasures” cover?

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It’s a JD/DM/Cure mash up of epic proportions – I know that it’s wrong and that’s why I find it funny. I have a thing for funny shirts… blame Cat and Girl… It’s because of that comic I have an exoticizing the Otter shirt, a shirt that says you only need one time traveler’s convention, an abandon brooklyn shirt… Oh, and Baba Yaga shirt. Seems like one or two more? Oh! “God isn’t real: But bigfoot is though!” I’ve sadly passed on my Mothra v. craiglist shirt.Oh, and “elephants never forget… that’s why they drink”. I still want one of the Babysitter’s club shirts that looks like the Ramones.

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Living in Japan and seeing all the Engrish t-shirts has just spoiled me of these things. Here one can’t tell if its a “clever reference”/bastardization of existing logo or just some designer bitch slapping the English language.

Recently I saw a little boy of about 5 wearing a classic black Ramones logo hoodie accompanied by his grandmother sporting a pinky jacket with a kind of gothic script saying “Eat My Sweet Twat”. Some friendly conversation revealed that they had no idea what they were wearing and I wasn’t going to “enlighten” them.

In this context maybe you see why I stopped ordering clever shirts from abroad?


I can totally understand that… of course, here there are probably a million tattoos with Chinese or Japanese characters that make no sense what so ever, but the person who got it thinks it looks cool, so that goes both ways.

Statistically its probably worse here in terms of prevalence. As acceptable as tattooing has become in the US, its still not as common as clothing sold in almost every retail outlet.

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No doubt!

The other side should have a dedication to Darby Crash. Never forget. 12/8/80.

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