This 'Clowna Sutra' shirt shows copulating clowns (and non-copulating balloon dogs)


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Surely if IT was to blame only one member of each couple would be a clown.


Weirdly, I was just thinking the other day about the strange early-90s trend of t-shirts covered in drawings of humping cartoon things – humping dogs, cars, lizards, or whatever. Seemed like they were everywhere when I was in high school, but I haven’t seen one since then. I guess Chris Lindland remembers.


I have too many conflicting feelings with this shirt…

I love “loud hawaii shirts”, I love stupid prints, I hate clowns. The mix of the supposed innocence but actually yucky clowns with the still kinda (on clothing at least) taboo subject of sex makes for a nice juxtaposition that I can dig. I really don’t like clowns. I dig the kitchyness. I also know this is not the first coupling of clowns with sex, and while this is definitely not my “thing” I really admire the visceral weirdness this has. I usually love a good pun too, but Clowna Sutra doesn’t add or subtract anything for me in this case.

I would buy some of their other stuff though, if they could ship from within the EU.


Uhm. No.


It’s OK and all, I guess, but I’m left wondering “why?”


The tattoos distract me from the clowns.


My exact reaction as well


Seems like a good time to post Steve Martin’s classic examination of the sex life of clowns.


Because it’s there.


Surely if IT was to blame, they’d be screwing (up) your computer…


(and non-copulating balloon dogs)

Gotcha covered:


Yeah, I’m not ok with this.

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