Steven King's "It" hurting the clown business


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Are we sure it isn’t the reboot and not the string of ‘deranged clown’ bullshit going around that’s doing the clowns in?


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Actually, I blame these guys.


Um, the Clowning industry may want to save some of that blame for the guy that pretty much started the negative connotations that many people associate with clowns:

Just sayin’:

The real-life Patches the Clown, aka John wayne Gacy, is way more disturbing than the fictional Pennywise.


Indeed. Pennywise at least has the excuse in that it’s a supernatural predator that while delighting in the suffering of its food, is little better than an insect creating an enviroment to draw prey in.

Gacey has no such excuse and was a real person.


I’m trying to think of a time in the last 39 years when I heard someone say, “I sure do enjoy watching clowns!” At best I think people feel clown performances are something to be endured.

Do other folks have different experiences?


Cirque du Soleil-style clowns maybe, even if they aren’t the kind of comedic performers that always come to mind when people think of clowns.

The iconic “balloon-toting weirdo in white face makeup with giant drawn-on lips, a red nose and colorful wig” is probably ruined for all time though.


“WCA… also recommends “that young children not be exposed to horror movies” such as It…”

Such as It.

So THAT’S the cutoff point for HAPPY FRIENDLY isn’t-life-wonderful clowns. When horror movies are seen as hurting THEIR business.


And yet Cirque du Soleil is literally printing money. People come from far and wide to see their clowns.

This, to me, speaks more to the fact that the WCA needs to get with the times and accept that people are making fun of and/or reappropriating anachronisms.


There are good clowns on both sides of this. No clown has ever been treated so unfairly. Poor Pennywise. SAD!

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Jim Knipfel’s Twilight of the Clowns is a must-read.


I’d be inclined to believe the World Clown Association got a kickback from the producers of “It” to release this announcement as a subtle means of further promotion. The timing is too much of a coincidence – coulrophobia is nothing new and the “evil clown sightings” thing went down a whole year ago.

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Just saw this movie last month. Not a bad B flick.

Also - why would a horror movie/show for ADULTS affect kids?


The problem is that kids and adults can find the make up and odd clothes disturbing on its own, with no exposure to horror movies and the like. I recall vividly as a young kid having nightmares about a clown figure that was in my room, eventually got rid of it.

However that does not mean that adults are unable to entertain kids. That seems like a cop out, kids love face painting, balloon animals, magic tricks, fun songs and activities. Why do those things have to be attached to a clown character? If the trend is that less kids like them then change the presentation.


Man, are you late; that’s an 80’s cult classic.


I love this movie. It’s really cheesy and terribad, but there’s some thing truly amazing about it. What could have been a lazy movie with bad effects ended up with some of the best costumes i’ve seen. Really love a lot of the creative choices they made with the clowns.

Every October i make it a point to rewatch it.


The 1990 version did the job for me 27 years ago. I’m not really surprised the remake is doing the same.

Maybe it’s not movies or clowns. Maybe it’s really Stephen King who is creepy.


Puddles is the only clown we need.


Rodeo attendees perhaps.