Residents warned of evil clown


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Evil Clown? That’ll be a quarter in the pleonasm jar!


Wasn’t me, I swear. I wasn’t even near Greenville that week.


Maybe he’s helping that gorilla grow his marijuana? :thinking:


My favorite bit is here where they seem to imply a difference between real clowns and, you know, humans just dressed as clowns. I guess you can measure their feet and see if the nose comes off…


Why is “children’s” followed by [sic]? That’s actually, surprisingly in this case the correct plural possessive.


They followed it with [sic] twice, even though it is correct in both places.


I can’t remember where I read a horror short a while ago about a boy who wants to run off to the circus, and hides in the clowns’ trailer. He watches as this ordinary-looking man sits at a mirror, takes a sponge and starts wiping his face, to reveal the clownface underneath…


Yeah, I caught that, too. Like, I get the difference between “in a gorilla costume” and “actually Harambe” but maybe these people don’t? Or they think that clowns are a subspecies of human?

  • Only the squirting-pen-wearing clown will pass…
  • Only in the floppy-shoed footsteps of the clown will he proceed…
  • Only in the leap from the comically overstuffed car will he prove his worth…


Kidding aside, these clowns have some odd ideas about attracting kids (or about clowning…). Showing large amounts of money and shining green laser lights?


I think the implication is that to be a clown, you have to go through training; to wear clown clothes, you just have to visit a costume store.



This raises the rather meta prospect of clown impersonators. Clearly this is an industry in need of a robust certification authority. :wink:


There is actually a clown “union” of sorts-- Clowns Of America.

I think they rate “dumpster clowns” somewhere below mimes.


Totally thought this was gonna be another Trump post…


Others have mentioned “children’s,” which is of course correct. What is wrong with “riding [sic] the property”? I assumed it meant patrolling in a police car–or am I missing something?


Real clowns are a bona fide extraterrestrial threat.


Isn’t the “evil” redundant?


Look we are all aware of the evil clown, but we have to put up with him at least until the election.


Man I hate clowns.