Old school punk rockers' message to young'uns: 'Fuck Youth'


I was going to say something similar. The top 40 is mostly crap now? It was mostly crap 25 years ago when I was in my early teens.


Odds are they are doing something, and a whole lot of it. You just don’t know what it is if you’re old because you operate in different circles.


Oh. we may as well all jump into the sea then.



I’m like 90% sure they must be (satire in punk rock has been a thing forEVER), but I’m reserving judgment. I thought that there was no way Trump was a serious candidate (a wall?!), but he pivoted and now look what we got. If they get enough press/money for a joke song about being grumpy codgers, who’s to say they won’t do the same?


Last time I heard someone singing about their generation, I believe the words “I hope I die before I get old” were involved…


Um, that’s the joke right?


Two related memories: Sifting through a stack of records in a shop during the early 1980s, two young people come in and freak out because they found a copy of “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables.” I’m thinking, “Really? C’mon!” because it was an age where I had to special order Sonic Youth records from Germany. By that point, the Kennedys were old news to me and musically stagnant.

At least a decade later: I meet my sister-in-law’s family for the first time. The eldest brother of hers is a skate punk. I tell him: “I’ve seen Big Black and Sonic Youth live at least three times.” He shrugs. “I also saw the Dead Kennedys once.” He stares at me in shock and awe. He needs to hear all about it.

That’s how it goes.


And that’s generally been true for a very long time, likely, for lifetimes of most of the people here.


Not for everyone, though.


And all was well, and good, forsooth


There might be nothing less punk than olds telling yutes they ain’t punk. I felt that way when I was fifteen, two decades later the feeling remains.


This is “Get off my lawn”

Really, looking at youtube is more conformist than subsistence farming? Like waking up every day at the crack of dawn to work all day doing the same thing everyone else does because that’s the only way you’ll survive? That doesn’t top the conformity charts?

“Looking at youtube” is the equivalent of “consuming the products of the recording industry” i.e., listening to new releases from the Sex Pistols or going to their live show. If I’ve heard of a band from before I was born they were part of the big content-delivery machine, just like the youtube videos today.

Youtube has encouraged way more people to make their own shit than the recording industry of the Sex Pistols era did.


I’m pretty sure there were a small number of punk rockers with similar tastes, when I wasn’t wearing out Sandinista it was One O’Clock Jump.


Old farts screaming at young folks will never change but how they do it apparently. :3


And this should have been posted way way earlier.


I’d be glad if you could give me a few examples of real-life impactful Youtube ness. With some real life indicators of the actual impact. Like, verifiable.

Get off my lawn? Are you skirting round the edge of an ad hominem? I’m actually insulted.

Sure, more people can make stuff. More people can consume stuff. However, the vast majority of it is rubbish, attention magnet activity. What is good is lost in the woods.


No, of course not. But there’s a tendency here. Gen Xers used to wear band shirts to identify with social subculture groups and their music. In today’s world, band shirt, specially of older bands like Pink Floyd, The Stones, The Ramones, AC/DC, Queen, Joy Division or Motörhead became a pure fashion asset. Even the Crass logo has been seen on couture accessories, worn by people who neither identify with punk culture, nor with that specific band. The latter isn’t mandatory while the first used to be. Of course, exception will always exist.


Everything’s better when you were 12.

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Which differentiates it from punk music?

Maybe you could give me some examples of real-life impactful recording-industry-getting-rich-selling-people-their-own-sense-of-irony-and-disaffectio ness. I said youtube is not worse than the 1970s entertainment industry which was a hotbed of exploitation, I didn’t say it was all roses.

I believe I was going after your words, not you as a person.