British science fiction pulp covers: Gernsback continuum from and alternative universe


Now I want to change all my user names to “Volsted Gridban.” Maybe my legal name, too.


British SF covers to me mean Panther. I grew up reading my dad and uncle’s old Asimov, Clarke and Doc Smith books.


Scourge of the Carbon Belt!

“Jupiter Equilateral”, eh? But totally not derivative.
The conventions for the artwork and spaceship design and typography were pretty much set by Frank Hampson in the Dan Dare comics of the 1950s (“Biggles in Space”).


Try Googling ‘Rick Random’ for more incredible British 1950s artwork.

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Congratulations for making me feel old. GET OFF MY GRASS.

Awww, hellz yeah. I lost all my dearly-loved old SF paperbacks in a split-up and the subsequent accidental immolation of my friend’s bus where they were stored. I had hundreds & hundreds of them :frowning:

Dan Dare is pretty cool. But check out Perry Rhodan too.

This is a wonderful thing to show, and there is much more to see the at the original source websites. Avi at Dark Roasted Blend is pretty good about showing where he gets things from (in tiny type, at the left bottom). In this case, there are thousands more of these at

  1. Phil Stephensen-Payne’s “Galactic Central” … and all kinds of wonderful things in general at his site

  2. Somebody’s Flickr pages “Gems from the Collection”

“Ask me about my collections of Magazine Scans” – magscanner

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