British shame wristband promises electric shocks to people who spend "too much"


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Monitoring programmers' stress levels accurately predicts the quality of their code

An electric shock device that is connected to the internet? There is no way this can go badly.


After one shock I’d be paying cash for everything.

I could get rid of the wristband but, you know, it looks kinda cool…



Invoking rule 34 here…

Band somehow attached to genitals…

“Overdraw my account again!”


As a Buddhist I know that true change can only come from within. On a side note I just had surgery to remove this shock band from my butt.


In other news Republicans have a new requirement for public assistance.


I think you think you’re joking, but they would if they could.


Gadget promises electric shocks to people who spend “too much”

Where was this when I was emotionally entwined with a chronic spender?


I think you think I think I’m joking, but I was completely serious. These days I have the odds of an Onion headline being true at about 50/50.


My God I just realized! These would be just fine for the poor, but they would execute the rich in a hurry.


Why? They have people for that, like when Dad gets you to blow the breathalyzer in the car, but, you know, classy.


I had one, but the battery died in like a week.


How much does this gadget cost again?


I’m sure my Puritan ancestors are glad we’ve finally figured out a proper virtuous use for technology.


So a friend of mine has one of these. And he uses it to … shock himself, when he has dessert. I knew he had this, and he was wearing it at Thanksgiving dinner, and at dessert… he did a little shudder/shiver right before eating dessert. So I called him out, in front of everyone, and well, lets just say it led to a very drunk orgy of shocking various body parts of all the guests (nipples were the first) and some guests did NOT want to stop or give it back. Excellent party trick, I recommend. :wink:


Um. Yes, that’s been my experience with devices specifically designed for the purpose. Honestly, if this is the type of play they want, they’re far better off buying something else, if only because of the increase in range of options.


Beat me to it. Shocking!


I’m having you over for Thanksgiving.


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