British supermarket installed ATM 15 inches from ground




I’ve seen several instances of one ATM at the height you might expect with another ATM right next to it very low to the ground like that. I figured it was for accessibility reasons.


A Sainsbury’s spokesman said the cash machine was installed so low down because it was located on a hill.

Based on the pictures, that “hill” is about a 10 degree slope. Well done, fellas!



Likewise. I think they normally are. This one looks too low to be used by someone in a wheelchair, but as I don’t use one I might be wrong. Any wheelchair users out there who can comment?


Wheelchairs? Fcuk’em.


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Maybe it’s for little people[1]?

I always thought it was a shame that machine cabinets like this (ATMs, Video games, information kiosks) don’t come with a pull out step for the vertically challenged. It wouldn’t be a complex engineering job (just a bit of metal bent to shape and a couple of slots cut in the case), and would seem to be low hanging fruit, but I’ve never seen one in the wild. Is someone sitting on the patent for it? Or are manufacturers just that unconcerned about accessibility?

This goes double for video game cabinets, which children are expected to use regularly.

[1] Sorry, I don’t know what the current preferred term is. It seems like every time I switch someone tells me I’m an insensitive asshole because the term has some horrible negative connotation. I’ve been told that “little people” is extremely offensive because it makes fun of their size, but that person suggested that I used “dwarf” instead which has gotten me in trouble before.


Kneel before your god!


“The supermarket added that it had not had any complaints.” Any complaints may, of course, be lodged in the complaint box which is located 12 feet above street level.


Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn


Bow down before the one you serve.


'Tis an ATM for crawling drunks.


I love the non-explanation!
It’s on a hill, you see. Oh yes, of course.

I learned years ago that people just want to hear something. I was in line for a movie and the guy in front of me walked in with a full box of pizza. When the ticket kid objected the guy just said “Oh no - this is for somebody else” and that was that.

My life has gone swimmingly ever since.


Hey - this is actually a thing you learn about in psychology 101. People are much more likely to perform a request or accept something if given a reason, and that reason doesn’t have to be a very good one.


“Up and at 'em, ATM ant!”


Convenient for dogs.


I wonder if that is supposed to mean that the placement makes sense in a standard floorplan and possibly inside the building, but someone wasn’t told to pay attention to the local topography.


Video games not infrequently have stools available, although they seem to be more for marathon sessions than accessibility.

(As to “little people,” you should ignore anyone besides an actual little person telling you the term is offensive.)


“What is this, an ATM for ants?” – Yes! :slight_smile: